Sourced From Nature ∙ Nontoxic ∙ Products for Bath, Body, Hair

 We understand the growing awareness and concern that what we put ON our body ultimately ends up IN our bodies. This drove us to create a highly effective line of nontoxic personal care products that contain NO hormone-altering, skin & cell damaging or cancer-causing chemicals or synthetics.

Our bodies are faced with enough challenges. Every product we apply to our skin is absorbed into our blood stream. The average person is exposed to roughly 126 chemicals in their personal care products every day.

We are bombarded with these synthetic materials every day. They are found in lotions, soaps, perfumes and artificially scented products, and most alarming (and avoidable), in our daily personal hygiene, bath & body, hair care and beauty products. They flood our bodies on a daily basis – unless we “go natural” and begin to choose healthier products.

About our natural body, skin & hair care products…

Natural Hair Care Products

Shine Enhancing Shampoo Sulfate Free.  Made with real shine-enhancing citrus fruit oils, a vegetable based cleansing agent (NO SULFATES or SLS) that is gentle yet effective, and moisture-infusing coconut oil to restore bounce, sheen and resilience to your hair.

Deep Hydration Conditioner Silk amino proteins, organic argan oil (from Morocco) and Pro Vitamin B5 (panthenol) make this a highly effective hydrating and restorative intensive hair conditioner.

Natural Skin and Body Care Products

Natural Deodorant Balm – A very effective aluminum and chemical free deodorant that truly does what it says – protect you all day long from underarm odor.

Nourish & Hydrate Intense Moisturizing and Illuminating Face Cream – With MSM and Vitamin C Ester for soft, supple & super-hydrated skin all day long. Evens & brightens skin for an all day glow.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum – This serum primes your skin by plumping up the skin cells with water, smoothing out lines and wrinkles for an all-day dewy freshness.

Certified Organic 100% Pure Argan Oil – An all around complete cocktail of antioxidants and soothing, anti-inflammatory moisturizer for hair and skin.

Warm Citrus Body Lotion – A lighter version of our super emollient hand lotion in an 8 oz. size for the body. Lightly scented with our warm citrus essential oil blend. Free of petroleum, parabens, phthalates, and artificial fragrances. One of the most important body care products that you should “go natural” with since it is often used on the entire body.

Warm Citrus Hand Lotion – This is a warmly, naturally scented citrus emollient hand lotion. Naturally fragrant plant extracts, vitamins and active phytonutrients make this lotion a nontoxic hand-hydrator. Chemical free. Handy 2 oz. travel or purse size.

All Natural Lip Balms – super moisturizing and soothing protective balms in a sweet, juicy citrus flavor or crisp herb mint citrus flavor that awakens the senses. NO artificial flavors or colors. It is flavored with all-natural essential oils and a touch of stevia.

Natural Soaps and Washes for Face and Body

Crisp Citrus Sulfate Free Moisturizing Body Wash – With an energizing blend of fruit and herb oils, mango fruit powder and coconut oil for a decadently rich lather free of harsh detergents.

Natural Acne Soap – No sulfates. No artificial colors, fragrance, skin irritants or parabens. Deep cleansing, smoothing, non-drying, potent anti-bacterial and acne healing properties.

Warm Citrus Natural Soap – SLS free all natural bath & face soap with kukui and macadamia oil. Moisturize, rejuvenate, condition the skin – without chemicals.