About Us

Our company, located in Copley, Ohio, was founded out of an observed need for higher quality, fresh from production (never stale or old), yet affordable all natural body, skin, hair care and personal care products. In this day and age of chemical overload in our foods, our environment, and all products which come into contact with our largest organ (skin) and our bodies, it is imperative that we not add to our already-heavy toxic burden.

How Do We Offer Naturally Based, High Quality Skin, Body and Hair Care?

Because we operate primarily as an online business, we are able to make products in small batches on an “as needed” basis, which means you receive products that are rarely on the shelf more than a few days, or even one or two weeks before you get them.

This means fresher potency and higher quality products for you, and allows us to not use harsh preserving chemicals like parabens and other toxic, hormone altering chemicals that many other products use to help them obtain years-long shelf lives.

  • Cruelty free. None of our products are tested on animals.
  • Using only all natural body products will make you feel better about what’s going on (and ultimately IN) your body.
  • And guess what? It also happens to work a lot better than the chemical stuff.