Argan Oil Seems to “Calm” Inflammation and Redness Overnight

Organic Argan Oil with BorderAs you may know, we’ve recently added a certified organic pure argan oil to our product offerings. We added it because it is literally the highest quality argan oil we’ve ever come across and we wanted to offer the raw oil to our customers as a skin care and hair care product all in one.

Vitamin E : Argan oil’s secret weapon against inflammation

Argan oil is known for its high antioxidant content – namely the naturally high content of vitamin E, and the most potent and skin-friendly form of the vitamin to boot.  Not only is it very high in this natural antioxidant, but its high vitamin E content also lends an incredibly anti-inflammatory benefit to the use of this oil.

I’d have to say one of the biggest things I’ve noticed since using this oil on my face at night is the calm appearance of my skin in the morning. Even older acne scars seems to fade into and my face just looks calm, even-tone and supple.

There is no other way to describe what it does to the skin overnight other than to say that it simply seems to transform the color and appearance of the skin overnight into a smoother, healthier color and also to help reduce any sort of redness, discoloration or ruddiness that you might typically deal with in the morning.

Even skin tone and color

Being half Irish (my mother is 100% Irish) as well as some English and German sprinkled in, I’ve struggled with that slightly ruddy skin appearance form time to time – especially in the winter when lack of sunlight tends to lend to the pallor that my heritage has bestowed upon me to begin with. Ruddiness just means slightly red and uneven.

People who have lighter colored skin tend to also struggle with redness because their skin is also often thinner than darker pigmented skin, and the redness that occurs when the blood vessels are dilated (or inflamed) tends to show through lighter skin a lot more readily than it “shows through” darker colored skin.

Using the organic argan oil on my skin at night, rubbing it into my skin thoroughly after I’ve washed my face, seems to have really improved the overall appearance of my skin. It’s not just about helping to smooth lines and wrinkles, this oil seems to really make your skin just glow and retain moisture like nothing else I’ve tried.

Because argan oil is so high in natural fatty acids as well, it has a protective quality on both the skin and hair, infusing it with deep moisture that is comparable to the body’s own moisture-locking mechanisms.

Although some people may have reservations about putting an oil on their face (especially if you have oily skin or have suffered from acne in the past), this stuff really does sink in quite quickly once you thoroughly rub it into the skin.

I have also found that it does not cause me to break out at all, and although I’ve now outgrown most of my acne, I do still break out on occasion and this oil does not cause me to break out at all.

Plus, any oily appearance completely disappears fairly quickly as well since it absorbs into the skin well.  Only a few drops can really go a long way in providing your face with not only a powerful antioxidant effect, but also with a highly anti-inflammatory effect for that calm, smooth and even toned skin that everyone can have with the right skin care.

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