Beauty and Being Outdoors Go Hand in Hand

I think a lot of people would agree with me that they feel at their most attractive, and most “free” when they are outdoors. Why else would spring fever kick in so noticeably when the slightest bit of warm weather hits in otherwise frozen parts of the country?

Warmer weather where it easier to get outside also tends to usher in a sort of self-improvement movement. This is when people tend to notice their bodies more, and be more aware of what they look like in less clothing.

They also tend to report wanting to feel more attractive, and in fact actually do end up feeling that way, as the warmer weather progresses and we find ourselves in the thick of the summer season.

There are a number of reasons that being outdoors benefits not only our physical and mental health, but also our appearance.  Research has shown that simply being outside and being exposed to the different colors and the open, fresh air has numerous mood enhancing benefits. When we’re in a great mood, we tend to be more confident – more happy. And this translates into luminous beauty.

It’s truly the type of beauty (this applies to both men and women) that shines from within. No amount of makeup, hair styling products or high end aesthetic care products can replicate this glow from within. People who are happy and get outdoors to enjoy the beautiful landscapes mother nature has to offer a lot tend to exude that sort of undeniable attractiveness that sometimes cannot even be pinpointed to a beautiful face, fantastically fit body or envy-inducing hair.

Sunlight is critical

Not only in natural sunlight exposure a critical part of overall health and well-being. It also has a critical role in skin and hair health. How can this be though if we’ve been told to stay out of the sun as much as possible for the past decade or two in order that we may have smoother skin, less age spots and generally younger looking skin?

Well, the sun has been vilified by the skincare and medical industry because when you are overexposed, it can definitely have detrimental effects on both your outer beauty and your health.

However, if a person is properly nourished with the right internal sun protectants in their diet, such as high vitamin C containing fruits and veggies and lycopene rich foods like tomatoes, their body’s ability to properly synthesize the sunlight into vitamin D without getting burned is significantly improved. In addition, it’s important to know when to put a hat on, cover up, or make sure you have a (preferably natural) sunscreen on your body.

Your skin was built to withstand a certain amount of sun exposure. This is why the melanin in your skin darkens when exposed – it’s the body’s natural sun protectant against excessive exposure.  Sunlight lends to that lovely glow the skin gets in the summer – just don’t ever let yourself get burned and eat plenty of those high antioxidant value foods so your body has the proper defenses to ensure minimal UV damage to the skin.

Infared energy emitted by the sun is healing

The infrared heat that is emitted by the sun is a very deeply penetrating heat that many believe has healing properties. It is the very reason that infrared heat saunas are so popular these days. Instead of the type of heat that just heats the surface of the skin, infrared deep has the penetrating ability to go through several layers of tissue.

This is why when you walk out of a stifling air conditioner environment, the warming, enveloping heat of the sun feels so good. It helps to ease muscle stiffness, joint pain and even helps with your mental state.

Fresh air

Fresh air and non-recycled oxygen that hasn’t been through a heating or air conditioning system is really good for your skin.  It allows your lungs to get more pure oxygen, which in turn gives your skin a healthier color.  The oxygen in the blood helps more color come through our skin, giving us a much more vibrant appearance.

Get near an open, moving body of water for an even better effect. The ions generated by moving water, combined with the fresh air and increased level of oxygen are a fantastic beauty and mood boost.

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