Best Low Maintenance Beachy Waves for Your Hair

Beachy, loose, perfectly “imperfect” messy, full waves are still all the rage.  The hair trend has spawned a plethora of beach wave hair products on store shelves utilizing some form of sea salt for an increase texture and hold.

Unfortunately a lot of the commonly available sprays and products include quite a few other unwelcome “filler” ingredients the offer no cosmetic benefit but rather heavily scent and extend the shelf life of the product or serve as inexpensive fillers that literally just take up space in the bottle.  You can really achieve a long lasting, resilient wave by following the suggestions below though, without any styling product, or very minimal styling product.

Beachy hair waves are really easy and low maintenance for the most part. You can also make your hair into beach waves on hair that hasn’t been shampooed in a day or two pretty easily, as the hair tends to hold style better after a day or two without washing. It really is one of the most universally flattering and appealing hair styles out there. It’s also versatile, because you can enjoy the look if you have any length of hair, and most hair types can wear it well.

Two Tips That REALLY WORK to Get Long Lasting, Perfectly “Shaped” Beach Waves Using Heat

First off, make sure you have a large barrel curling iron.  The two inch barrel is your best bet to get the loose, big waves you’re looking for if you’re going for the messy, beachy look.  Second, curl your hair AWAY from your face, so that you are pulling your hair to the back of the room rather than curling it forward.  This can seem awkward at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a breeze, and it really gives you that natural, big look without looking like spirals.

Also, keep the ends of your hair out of the curling iron, so start with about two inches of the bottom of your hair sticking out of the curling iron. This helps with the undone look, and really gives a great shape to your curls. Hold long enough too, too often we don’t hold the curl in the heat of the iron long enough, and the curls end up flattening within a few hours or less.

You will also want to make sure you don’t touch or separate your curls until they “set”. This can dramatically increase the staying power of your waves.  Don’t touch them for at least a few minutes. Sometimes, they fall out and loosen naturally, and you don’t need to touch or separate them at all if you just give them a few minutes to cool off.

Easy, Loose Beach Waves – No Hair Dryer Required

In fact, minimal hair drying is probably the best way to achieve the loose wave beachy look.  Most hair, especially hair that tend to be less wavy and more poker straight, is likely to be more wavy when the hair isn’t forcibly blown out straight by a hair dryer.

It helps if you choose a wave spray, or at least lightly spray your hair with a finishing spray (which is typically just a bit lighter, less sticky and heavy than an actual heavy hold hair spray), when hair is damp as well.  The key is not doing anything until your hair is damp. You don’t want to do anything to it until it has dried about 80 percent.

This can be achieved by letting it air dry, or if you are really worried about frizz and smoothness, you can dry your hair with a good ionic hair dryer until it is about 70-80% dry, then do the following steps.

First, lightly spray with a finishing or beach waves spray.

Second, LOOSELY braid or twist your hair.  You need to really experiment with your hair for which technique looks best on your specific hair type.  Some may have a better turnout if they loosely braid their hair, while others may have a better outcome if they lightly twist their hair (think Princess Leia style buns).

You don’t want to do it too tightly if you don’t want tight, spring curls that are very hard to relax once they are set.  All you want is to wait a few hours for the waves to “set” after being in this braid or twist position for a while.

This can be overnight, or just a few hours.  You can even make a twist look good enough to go out and run errands or get things done before you take it down for the “final outcome” of the beach waves.

And, if it’s a “wash day” and you really don’t feel like washing your hair, you can “cheat” by taking your completely dry hair and spraying it with a finishing or wave spray, and setting it in braids or twists, wait about an hour, and taking it out for the same beautiful, bouncy beach waves.


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