Boost Energy, Clean Air with Indoor Plants

AloeAir purifying with plants

There’s just something about looking at greenery that lightens my mood. And I’m definitely not the only one, because there have been multiple studies confirming that people react positively to just seeing green plants.  This is a large reason why getting outdoors is so good for you.

But there’s another reason that plants are so good for you, especially when they are in close proximity to you.  Plants manufacture oxygen, so being outdoors is really literally you “getting fresh air”.  They also “clean” the air by putting more oxygen into the air instead of carbon monoxide, which is the opposite of oxygen to our human lungs in that it is literally our lifeblood.

Add plants indoors for air purification

As you know, we would suffocate without oxygen, but it’s also important to our energy levels and our overall mental and physical well being.  When you’re deprive of oxygen, such as when you are at high altitudes you can definitely tell.

In addition to the obvious oxygen and clean air qualities that live plants can give to your indoor environment, just looking at them helps to energize the spirit.  Something about looking at plant and live greenery stimulates and refreshes the brain.

Have you ever walked into a home that has a lot of indoor plants? They just have a happier and generally more vibrant feel to them.  It’s especially important for those of us that have to live indoors a lot during the colder months of the year, like we do here in Ohio.

I know that I really treasure my indoor plants when the wind is blowing outside and everything but the evergreens is grey, brown and dead.  There’s just something uplifting about having other “live” things in your home besides yourself and any pets you might have.

Try getting plants that are easy to maintain since this will be less of a hassle. Most indoor plants only require watering about once every one to two weeks since they aren’t exposed to the intense sunlight outside that tends to dry plants our quickly.

A really great idea is to have an air purifying plant that doubles as a therapeutic remedy, such as aloe, lemon balm (for anxiety), or even rosemary which you can use as a spice or as an herbal remedy. They also aren’t as susceptible to heat and other weather issues that might not be too plant-friendly, like high winds,  dry climate and excessive rainy weather.

I’ve found the fertilizing them is not much of a help.  In fact, the fertilizers tend to kill them in my experience.  Make  sure you plant them to the correct depth in the potting soil, and don’t use that moisture control soil as I’ve found it tends to repel the water a bit too much for my taste.  That’s just my opinion though, I definitely don’t claim to be an expert.

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