Botox Scalp Injections to Extend Your Hair Style?

hair blowoutA trend is starting to shape that sounds a bit extreme to a lot of people. The trend I’m speaking of is Botox injections (a muscle relaxing/paralyzing injection) to the scalp – and many of them – to help preserve a blowout or hairstyle for a while longer.

Mostly it was born out of women becoming frustrated that their gym workout or sweaty yoga session would totally undo their immaculate (and often times expensive) blowouts. It works as a “scalp antiperspirant”.

A blowout is a professionally administered hair dry and style service, and it is true that if it’s done right, there really is no comparison to how great it can make your hair look and feel. And a professional, and correctly applied blowout can last a few days or more depending on your hair type, humidity conditions and other environmental factors, including working out and “scalp sweating”.

Blowouts are really popular among the “rich and famous” and in various higher income areas of affluent people who can afford the service, and blowout bars are becoming more and more popular as women are seeking ways to get that sleek, bouncy hair style from salons that specialize in the blowout. Recently, there is a trend for women to get Botox injections into their scalp to help stop the head from sweating.

Why Inject Botox to the Scalp?

Botox is not only used to partially paralyze and relax the facial muscles to prevent the appearance of wrinkles, but it is also used as a treatment to help people with hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating from the underarms, where the sweat glands produce too much sweat.

Using the same theory that it could also stop the scalp from sweating by relaxing the sweat mechanisms there, Botox has gained another use for helping preserve hairstyles for women (or men) who are looking to not sacrifice their fitness just to preserve the appearance of their hairstyle or blowout.

Healthier & less extreme alternatives to keep your head sweat-free, hair style fresh and scalp dry

Getting these injections to the scalp every few months definitely does feel pretty extreme. But there are more natural and less expensive alternatives if you notice your hairstyle or blowout coming completely undone after working out or sweating from exertion or high temperatures.

Dry shampoo is a really great way to help dry up the scalp. It usually has mineral clays in it that help absorb excess oil and sweat from the scalp. A lot of people have found it useful to help refresh their hairstyle and go longer between washes.   It helps to create more volume from the root too when your hair is “dirty” and weighed down by the buildup of oils and dirt that occur between washings.

If you don’t have any dry shampoo, baby powder (preferably a natural type) can work as well to dry up all the excess style-ruining debris as well. There are some dry shampoos that actually are a powder, and it’s just colored to match your hair color so you can’t see pure white powder in brunette hair for example.

A few blasts to your roots with the blow drier can also help if you find your scalp is wet after a workout or other heavy physical exertion, then spraying your hair with a good finishing spray afterwards can help too, since a drying session can make your hair look puffy allover again (that “just washed” look that tends to happen right after you blow your hair dry).




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