Can Coconut Oil Help With Alzheimers, Memory Loss?

coconutAs you’re well aware if you’ve been using or are familiar with any of our Aura Sensory products, we use organic coconut oil in just about all of them. Why?  Well, coconut oil is one of the best all-around oils for your skin and hair.

It contains medium chain triglycerides which are protective and moisturizing to the skin and hair, without causing buildup. It also contains vitamin e, which is a natural antioxidant, and it has a really long shelf life as far as oils go, lasting a year or possibly even more when kept in a cool, dry area.

It also absorbs really well, is a mild oil that most people can use, and smells wonderful when you get a really naturally aromatic batch of it.  It’s one of the best softeners and moisturizers out there, and it also helps rebuild and strengthen hair that has suffered protein and elasticity loss.

Can coconut oil consumption prevent alzheimers, memory loss?

But enough about all those beauty benefits of coconut oil. Let’s talk about another benefit that is just now really being looked at.  I’m talking about something else that is very important to everyone – their memory and mental sharpness.

I recently read an article where a doctor observed her husband, who is suffering from alzheimers disease, act dramatically different after taking a few tablespoons of the oil. While she said it of course did not “cure” him completely, she noted that the change in his mental clarity was markedly better.

This prompted the study of why coconut oil might be so beneficial to our precious memory.  After all, one of the biggest fears most people have is of losing their memory and of becoming someone who struggles even with day to day functions after alzheimers or even dementia kicks in full swing.

The study found that coconut oil seems to have some sort of effect on the brain that allows it to use the energy it supplies in the form of medium chain triglycerides, just like the brain would normally use glucose as fuel.

Since alzheimers patients lose this ability, coconut oil seems to circumvent the problem and provide this alternative means of fuel so that they can process thoughts coherently and remember things they may not normally have remembered.

Coconut oil’s memory boosting nutrients

The coconut oil seemed to deliver these ketone bi-products, which you may have heard of when low carb dieting was in style, without needing the glucose.  So, it provides this alternative way for alzheimers patients to be more like a person without the disease.

This is a great reason to start taking coconut oil regularly in your diet.  I know a lot of people are worried about the fat content and the fact that it’s technically a saturated fat since it is solid at room temperature, but there is more and more evidence that coconut oil may actually help you burn more body fat and maintain more muscle.

Oh yeah and then there’s the fact that daily consumption seems to give just about everyone a glowing complexion.  A famous supermodel even has said she uses a few tablespoons every day to keep her hair and skin gorgeous.

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