Can Eating an Orange Boost Mood?

Citrus SoapI’m convinced that inhaling natural citrus scents really helps boost the mood and actually helps promote that “sunny” positive feeling that so many people get when they feel good or energized, or when they get some sun exposure.

I also believe that eating an orange, one that’s fresh and juicy and fleshy, as well as inhaling the fresh aroma that springs from the peel and the fruit itself as you peel it, has the same positive effect.

Can eating an orange literally brighten your mood?

However, I thought maybe it was all in my head because I had never really heard that there was proof of this. I know there is proof that inhaling lavender essential oil helps boost mood and relax the mind while simultaneously calming the nerves, and there is proof that some other essential oils can have similar effects.

But when my husband made the same observation about how he feels after eating a fresh orange, without any prompting from me, I thought there must be something to it.  I know that citrus essential oils have shown the ability to provoke positive feelings based on the sensory experience of inhaling their aroma.

However I didn’t know if there was a biological basis for actually eating the piece of fruit itself and having these effects feel more internal and longer lasting. That’s what I was after. As you know, we use a lot of sweet orange oil and other citrus essential oils in our products.

This is not only to help the product stay fresh longer, but it’s also all about the sensory experience of feeling good, energized and positive when you inhale them. After all, who can help but think of sunny days and summer freedom when smelling the lifting and even nostalgic scent?  Even viewing the color orange has been studied as being a mood booster in itself!

Yes, there really is something to oranges, mood and anxiety levels

Turns out oranges ARE great for your mood. They also may help to instantly lower anxiety levels by suppressing hormones associated with stress immediately. Vitamin C actually is a powerful suppressor of these negative hormones. Because a fresh, juicy orange is so loaded with this vitamin, it is the perfect way to get your stress levels lower, which also simultaneously boosts your mood of course, in a very fast and efficient way.

In addition, oranges may help to lower your blood pressure which is another sign you’re over stressed.  If you start eating an orange a day, you should really notice the difference. From inhaling the first sprays of the essential oils that burst out of the peel, to tasting the sweet/tart taste of the flesh, your body should really respond to this amazing (and luckily economical) fruit is very positive ways.

Some advice on picking out oranges

And one tip when shopping for oranges. I’ve found that buying the prepackaged bags of oranges usually doesn’t give me the fresh, juicy oranges I like. I buy them individually instead. It’s a little more expensive this way, but this seems to ensure you get the better ones.

Also, you can feel each one and make sure the skin is firm and the fruit is heavy, which means it has more juice and is a “newer” piece of fruit.  Skip the oranges that feel light, are still greenish in color, or seem to have softened as this indicates they are likely not as fresh or conversely, may not be fully ripened.

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