Castor Oil : Aside From Softening Skin, Can it Remove Moles?

castor oilCastor oil for skin use

We’ve talked in the past about castor oil, which is one of the main oils we use in our natural lip balms because it is so thick and protective that it gives a nice extra layer of protection to our delicate lips. Plus it adds a wonderful light sheen to the lips as well.

When we’ve talked about castor oil, we’ve mostly talked about its amazing ability to penetrate the skin deeply and to deeply soften it.  It is not a beauty favorite for most people because they think it’s way too thick and sticky, but it really is one of the best oils for enhancing penetration and really softening the skin overnight.

I say overnight because this is not an oil you want to wear on your face anywhere during the day since it is so visible.  However, as an overnight treatment it’s great.

Castor oil for mole removal

Another “rumor” is that castor oil helps to remove moles.  Since I have a mole on my back that I would love to remove, but I don’t want to pay the outrageous sum that a dermatologist will charge for surgically removing it in their office, I’ve decided to try one of the mole removal remedies I’ve read about, and use a combination of the castor oil mole removal method and tea tree mole removal method.

I will keep you posted on my progress, but here’s a “how to” on what I’ve done so far.  By the way, I use the Heritage brand castor oil, pictured up at the top, which is cold pressed and hexane free, as well as organic, which is the same one we use in our lip balms.

First I started with the tea tree oil. I soaked a tiny square of a cotton pad with tea tree oil (which naturally has an extremely pungent smell when not watered down, so try to cover it up with a bandage or something).  I then put it right on the mole, and put a large bandage over the soaked square and let it sit there all day long.

I then would refresh it after my typical evening shower, removing the old and putting a new one on with fresh tea tree oil.  I let it sit then all night. You can either take this approach, or keep applying it throughout the day, but then it always can rub off if you don’t bandage it.

After 4 days, the mole seemed to not be doing much, but it did seem to be ‘lifting’ off of my skin a bit more if that makes any sense.  So that’s when I decided to also add castor oil to the mix.  I started just two night ago applying castor oil to the mole in the morning, in the afternoon if I remembered, and at night after the shower again.

This is supposed to soften the mole up, and you are supposed to continue this for a few days. Then you are supposed to make a paste with castor oil and baking soda.  This is what I will do next. You are supposed to keep applying this paste to the mole until the mole begins to fade and then fall off completely.

I will definitely keep you all posted on how this works out for me!

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