Chemicals in Baby Products

Chemicals to avoid in baby products

Mothers all around the world are becoming savvy at choosing smarter baby products for their infants and children. They are finding that many of those trusted brands that have been around for so long contain harmful chemicals and toxins that do not belong anywhere near their baby’s or child’s skin.

These chemicals should be avoided. There are always natural and safer alternatives and chemicals are totally unnecessary in baby products.

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Recently, a news story was run that exposed over 100 popular baby products that were loaded with harmful toxins and chemicals. More about that in a minute, but let’s talk about why buying chemical free baby products is so important, and what some of those toxic chemicals are that you should look for on the ingredients labels.

Phthalates in baby products

One of the first and most common chemicals found in things like baby shampoos, soaps and other essential baby body care is pthalates. These chemicals are actually found in a ridiculous amount of today’s health and beauty products. They are common additives to plastics as well, because they make plastics more bendable and useful.

Pthalates are something that both adults and children should avoid. They are known for interrupting the critical hormonal balance, and being an overall disruptor of the endocrine system’s smooth operation.


Formaldehyde is another chemical that one should look for and avoid when reading ingredient labels on baby products. The problem is it often is not listed, so you should avoid any ingredients that can release formaldehyde over time which are ureas, DMDM hydantoin, and Metheneamine.

Formaldehyde belongs only in laboratories, not on the human body. Several products have been banned for excessive use of this toxic chemical, but it is still allowed in certain concentrations. You will want to avoid this one all together.

Parabens are another common chemical found in baby products. Parabens are a chemical preservative that is very popular because of its easy access and cheap cost. These chemical preservatives have been linked to endocrine disruption, some types of cancer, and several other disturbing health issues.

A child’s endocrine system is just developing and the artificial hormones created by parabens in the body can be incredibly
disruptive making them and absolute “must avoid” in baby products.

You will find parabens with several different prefixes all ending in “paraben”, including methyl, propyl, butyl and ethyl. Any product that is all natural, or labeled organic, should not have parabens in it.

Propylene glycol which is a petroleum derivative is also a controversial ingredient that is used in the making of many body care and other baby care products.

There are some that prescribe to the thought that they are ok in smaller doses. But some that believe they can cause not only skin irritation, but other more serious side effects, especially when used on large parts of the body over and over again.

These are chemicals to avoid in my opinion. There are other emulsifying agents that can be used which are totally natural, non-irritating, and which do not alter the body’s functions in any way. Sure, they may cost a little more, but wouldn’t you rather be putting something on your baby day in and day out that did not contain potentially toxic chemicals?

Think of it this way. Our skin is literally our largest organ. Skin covers the majority of our body. It is our protector. We often use these body products on our entire bodies or large parts of it, on a daily basis.

These products do not just sit on the skin. They enter the body via our skin. Our skin, while protective against the environs, is also incredibly absorbent. It transports things we apply topically into our blood stream, where it can then become a bioactive compound and start interfering with our body’s chemistry.

We are just starting to find out exactly how some of these types of chemicals are affecting our bodies when we use them long term. Many times, the results are startling, and become a wake up call that we must be diligent in avoiding certain ingredients.

This is why it is important to seriously consider every product that you put on your baby. And don’t forget, the same goes for you and your skin as well.

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