Chia Seeds for Skin Health

chia seedsChia seeds burst onto the mainstream health food scene a mere few years ago in full force.  Of course, they’d been around a great deal longer than that, they just started to receive a lot of recognition just a short time ago and gained traction in the health food market as an excellent, high fiber and nutrient rich food to include in a health conscious diet.

I guess the really funny part is that they’d been around in a long-time cult classic product that millions gave and received as gag gifts – Chia Pets.

Yep, those little sprouts that came out of the Chia pet were grown from the chia seed!  Not only did I want to talk about the health benefits of eating this seed, but also wanted to talk about the external benefits of the seed for the skin. More specifically, about the oil that is extracted from the chia seed.

Omega 3 fats – skin benefit #1

Chia seeds are very rich in omega 3 fats, which as most everyone knows these days, is excellent not only for heart and circulatory health, but also is excellent for soft, smooth and bright skin.  Omega 3 fats are an “internal moisturizer” for the skin. They help to keep the skin pliable and moist, and promote a youthful look of vibrancy and health.  They help the skin keep its elasticity and therefore also help keep wrinkles and fine lines at bay.

The oil pressed from chia seeds has a ton of omega 3 fats as well, and as you know, oils rich in these fats are excellent for topical use on the skin.  The oils we use in our products here are all rich in these fats – coconut oil, argan oil and apricot seed oil to name a few.  Chia seed oil is no different.

Applied topically to the skin, chia seed oil helps retain moisture and prevent dehydration due to the superior ability of its omega 3 fat content to prevent moisture from leaving the skin.  It also helps to protect the skin from environmental dehydrating agents like the cold, wind and low humidity in the winter time for many of us poor souls who live in extreme climates.

Rich in antioxidants

The reason chia seeds are dubbed one of the latest “super foods” is not just because they provide the highest known volume of omega 3 fats for high tiny they are. It is also because they have a high antioxidant value.  This means nothing but good things for the skin, both when they are taken in the diet internally and when the oil is applied topically.

Chia seeds contain alpha lipoic acid, which is an excellent antioxidant for the skin both internally and externally. It encourages healthy skin cell turnover as well as healthy skin cell production, which can mean more radiant skin and less wrinkles and degradation of the skin like age spots, lines, and general sagging and loss of elasticity due to loss of integrity.

Ways to enjoy chia seeds in your diet

Unfortunately, I cannot eat chia seeds. They simply don’t agree with my stomach.  But for every one of me I’m sure there are ten people whose stomachs can handle them just fine!  If you can, then I highly suggest integrating these potent little antioxidant and omega 3 rich seeds into your diet as soon as possible.

Try adding them to your morning cereal. Just be warned that once they are added to liquid, they do begin to degrade because of their high fiber content. They become somewhat “slimy” quickly, so just be sure to get them down the shoot quickly before they turn to mush.

You can also add them to your smoothie for a great antioxidant and fiber boost.  Some people add them to their yogurt to give a texture and slight crunch.  These are just a few of the many ideas on how you can add this seed to your diet.  They don’t really have a distinct or pungent flavor, so they do blend well with many different kinds of food pretty seamlessly.











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