Coconut Oil Scalp Soak

coconut oil 1My sister introduced me to this when she was visiting from Oregon. I had never tried this before, but it totally makes sense that this helps you if you have a scratchy or itchy scalp, dandruff, or any other scalp issues that are either uncomfortable or cause a lot of flakes.

Coconut oil’s hair and scalp benefits

Coconut oil is excellent for the skin and hair. It is so chock full of healthy and protective fatty acids that it really enhances the natural health and beauty of your skin or hair almost instantly after it is applied. It’s also fantastic when taken internally.

A lot of people stay away from it in their diet because they think it’s too calorie dense. While this is true, it is one of the healthiest sources of dietary fat you can get. It is highly stable when it is heated, and doesn’t lose the integrity of its medium fat chains, which means that it stays intact so that it has maximum protective qualities when in your body.

Moisture retention, damage repair

Coconut oil is really a great way to enhance moisture retention as well. When you eat it, it helps keep everything moist and protected from within (meaning your skin and hair) and when used topically, it has a really unique quality of helping your hair maintain its protein and stay healthy, keeping the shaft intact and free of breakage and smoothing roughness.

It also helps keep your skin moist and smooth all day long. You’d think it would leave a greasy sheen on the skin, but it actually soaks in quite quickly and keeps the skin looking luminous all day. This is why we use organic coconut oil in almost all of our products. It really is like “food for the skin”.

Now, on to the main reason I’m writing this today. While my sister was in town, she introduced me to a way to both enjoy and pamper yourself and treat your scalp to a wonderfully soothing and nourishing treatment by soaking it in coconut oil for a while.

I will warn you that if you let a lot of it get into your hair, and you let it sit a long time, your hair will definitely look greasy and will be weighed down. It will require a few washes before you get it back to normal. So if you can, try to either keep the liquefied oil on your scalp as much as possible without getting it in the hair too much, or keep your soak time to a minimum.

Melt the oil

First, you want to melt a few tablespoon of coconut oil down to liquid form. Simply dip your fingers in and begin massaging the heated oil into your scalp. The aroma and the heat alone feel pretty decadent as you’re massaging it in.

You can massage some into your hair if your hair is extremely dry, however as I stated before, if you’re like me and your hair is pretty moist to begin with because it’s been conditioned recently, then stay as much on the scalp as you can. Simply keep dipping your fingers in, getting the oil on your fingers, and massaging it into the various areas of your scalp.

Add heat

When we did our coconut oil scalp soak, we actually got into the sauna for a little over an hour. It was a long time to soak, so that’s probably a bit part of why my hair was so heavy afterwards, plus I had deliberately put a lot of the oil in my hair, trying to get a deep conditioning treatment while I was at it.

The treatment really did make my scalp feel great, and it felt like a little mini spa getaway. It took me several washes to get the worst of the weighty oil out of my hair because I had really been generous about putting it in my hair, but I noticed that my hair was much softer and smoother for days afterwards – perhaps to a fault! The body wasn’t as great, and I look better with a lot of body, but for someone who likes straight, shiny hair it would have been a dream!

Overall, I loved the way the oil treatment made my scalp feel. It really helped to soothe it and added a lot of moisture.

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