Coconut Oil, Vinegar are Natural Psoriasis Soothers

coconutTwo of the ingredients we use in our products here at Aura Sensory, apple cider vinegar (ACV) and organic coconut oil (which we use in several products), are naturally soothing and healing agents for a chronic skin condition – psoriasis.

What is psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a skin condition that actually never goes away.  Once you have it, it stays with you for life. However, there are ways to soothe it and put it into remission by using natural remedies topically. Some people even find that modifying their diet helps to keep psoriasis to a minimum.

Psoriasis is an itchy, red, patchy scaly skin affliction that causes the sufferer a lot of discomfort. It also is cause for psychological distress since it can be noticeable in appearance when the flareups are more severe, so it has gained a lot of attention in the world of dermatology and many people end up seeing a Doctor because they can’t figure out how to tame it on their own.

Apple cider vinegar for psoriasis

Apple cider vinegar, the ultimate “cure all” remedy, has healing and astringent properties that can help address the redness and inflammation that accompany psoriasis.  It also has naturally antibacterial qualities that can help to quell any type of infection that may come along with the irritation.

You can either take a cup or two of ACV and put it in a warm bath and soak for a bit, or you can take a vinegar solution and spray it directly on the affected areas of skin.  ACV may also help psoriasis sufferers when taken internally since it has these same healing qualities within the body, and we all know that what’s going on inside the body ultimately makes an appearance on the outside of the body.

Coconut oil for psoriasis

Organic coconut oil is useful for psoriasis because it contains beneficial and skin-protective omega 3 fats which protect and nourish the skin.  In addition, coconut oil has naturally antibacterial properties and anti-inflammatory properties, both of which are perfect antidotes to the inflammatory, itchy, scaly flare ups.

Coconut oil has a naturally very long shelf life (a year at least) due to its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, so it is the perfect remedy to keep on hand. It melts in an instant in your warm hands, so it is easy to apply once it become a liquid, and feels (and smells) great on the skin.

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