The Concave Hair Brush : Better for Blowouts?

Concave Hair BrushIf you’ve been wishing you could give yourself an amazing at-home blowout, then you need to read on about using a concave hair brush for better blowouts. Don’t we all wish we could get the same results we do when we go to a salon?  And yet, there seems to be no ingenious do-it-yourself products or tools yet that give us that same great angle a professional can get on our hair, pulling it straight out and up for maximum body and root lift.

The reality : Salon quality blowouts are hard to do on your own hair

We end up looking like a painfully contorted pretzel, and are in danger of dropping the hair dryer several times, or snagging our hair in the brush due to the awkward angles needed to get that body. It just never really seems to turn out the same way when you’re trying to do your own at-home blowout.  Even a stylist will tell you they can’t get the same angle and subsequent result on their own hair that they can on a client sitting in the swivel chair.

The concave hair brush for better blowouts at home

Enter the “concave brush”. It’s a round hair brush that looks like what is pictured above left. It’s a round cylinder, same as most other conventional blow drying brushes, but it has a concave center, giving it a unique appearance different from what we are used to seeing – even at the salon (where they don’t really need this since they can get such a great angle and leverage).  What does the concave center do?

Well, it makes it a lot easier to control your hair. First, it holds your hair a lot better as you grab each section. Second, it prevents your hair from slipping off the ends of the brush as it so often does, because the design and shape keeps the hair more toward the middle of the brush.  This can actually take some practice to get used to, because the brush grips the hair so well that you may find yourself winding your hair too tightly the first few tries.

The best way to use it is to take your hair in smaller sections, starting as close to the root as possible, and put the brush under the hair.  It would be best to pin or clip these sections off on each side before you start the process, so you can start at the bottom of your head and get the lower sections done first.

Put the brush underneath the section to be dried. The hair will “anchor” pretty easily on top of the brush since it falls into the right spot much more easily than with a straight cylinder design.  From here, you can gently pull the hair out and up, and it will stay on the brush. You may get a few strays falling off the side, but once you get used to using the concave brush, you’ll find it’s much easier to get nearly all your hair to stay on the brush.

Easier to rotate hair without slippageHair Dryer Out of Control

Slowly pull the hair, gently rotating out with your wrist as you hold the dryer so it is blowing the hair “downward” – never upward against the gravity since you don’t want to rough up the cuticle.  You will find using the concave brush can be a real life saver if you’re trying to practice doing a salon-worthy blowout at home.

You still won’t get that great angle someone else would on your hair – but it makes it much easier to try to duplicate the angle and leverage a stylist would have.  And most importantly, the concave style brush makes it much easier to CONTROL your hair during the blow-drying process, giving you the upper hand in your quest to get a better salon-like blowout.

You can find a blowout-friendly concave round styling hair brush on Amazon or other beauty or hair styling retailers for less than twenty dollars – many times less than $15 depending on which brand you buy.  It may prove to be a great investment if you want to learn how to better style your hair using your own hands and your own tools.  Sure beats paying for a weekly of biweekly blowout!




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