“Crepey” Skin – What Treatments and Ingredients are Best?

Aside from your traditional wrinkles under the eyes and other aging woes like age spots and skin tone, there is another concern that many want to get rid of.

Because of its similarity in appearance to crinkly crepe paper it’s been termed “crepey” skin.  This is where you start to see your skin become thinner, and it ripples in small and brittle-looking lines.

This is why our Nourish & Hydrate Skin Cream and Hyaluronic Acid Serum’s biggest function is to deeply hydrate the skin and infuse the skin cells themselves with cushioning moisture and a better foundation to avoid the phenomenon known as “crepiness”.  Deep-moisture and resiliency ingredients like MSM and natural penetrating oils also help to add a little more thickness and “spring”, not just coat the skin.

Argan oil and Nourish & Hydrate for crepiness

We’ve just added 100% pure organic argan oil to our offerings. This is an EXCELLENT skin treatment to help with the crepey appearance that tends to happen on thinner skin with its dense content of vitamin E, antioxidants and elasticizing oleic/linoleic acids.

You can get crepey skin just about everywhere, but the most common areas where people notice its appearance is under and around the eyes, on the neck and chest of decolleté, and on the lower arm area by the hands, as well as on the lower legs.  The cause of crepey skin is a combination of factors that lead to the skin in these areas thinning greatly.

Because the upper skin layers become so thin and fragile, they begin to ripple into these “crepey” lines.  Sun damage is a contributing factor, but general aging and loss of elasticity and moisture is another huge cause.  These causes can be addressed best by using a thoroughly hydrating skin care regimen.

Keeping your skin well hydrated is very important. This means the skin cells needs to be replenished with moisture-infusing ingredients on a daily and nightly basis.  Avoiding too much sun exposure is also important, although I am always an advocate of getting ADEQUATE sun exposure because the vitamin D that sun gives your skin actually helps strengthen and nourish your skin from within. It’s just a matter of not overdoing it.

Moisturizing deeply is KEY

For the crepey skin under your eyes, be sure to add extra moisture there. I always put the skin cream on my whole face, let it sink in, then add another layer or two of it under my eyes just to make sure I keep any dryness or crepiness from showing throughout the day.  The argan oil used in the evening on the entire face helps build elasticity, resilience and infuses deep moisture on a nightly basis.

If you look at hydrated skin versus dehydrated skin under a microscope, you can actually see that the dehydrated skin cells look “deflated” as does your skin on the surface. This is a huge contributing factor to the crepey appearance of the skin, and hydrating adequately is absolutely key in keeping it from appearing this way throughout the day.

This also means drinking PLENTY of water. Hydrating from the inside is equally as important than hydrating your skin externally.  I’ve learned this through my own observation of my skin when I’m hydrated versus thirsty.

In addition to these practices, try to not sleep on your side at night. This places pressure on the skin, especially under the eyes and on the sides of the eyes, where crepey skin tends to show itself first as we age, which in turn can also be a contributing factor to the crepe-paper look.

HYDRATION is absolutely key in the prevention and treatment of crepey skin.  Getting rid of the underlying factors will go a long way in helping you maintain thicker, more hydrated skin.

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