Dangers of Aluminum in Deodorant

Deodorant with BorderThere are several studies and also a lot of anecdotal evidence that aluminum, and possible other ingredients in deodorants as well, may be linked to breast cancer in women.

The dangers of this metal derivative have been widely publicized and hotly debated over the past decade.  Aluminum is simply a dangerous metal that does not belong in deodorant or any other personal or body care product for that matter which is why ours is totally aluminum free.

Alzheimers and other brain and nerve damage

There is also speculation that aluminum is connected to the development of the memory-robbing disease Alzheimer’s.  The reason for the link is due to the high levels of this metal found in the brains of those with the  disease.

Aluminum has been identified as a neurotoxin, which means it can interfere with the natural signals the brain sends within itself and throughout the body via the nervous system and various other pathways that the brain uses to communicate with the body. This buildup of the metal in brain tissues is serious business as it can cause a variety of neurological issues, many of which we probably don’t even grasp yet.

Cancer link

The link was also made to breast cancer when aluminum (as well as parabens and some other chemicals) were found in biopsied breast cancer tumors.  Some experts claim that may be a leap, but if there is even a small chance, why put a heavy metal on your body, in such a sensitive area with so many lymph nodes?

There are plenty of totally natural ways to stop odor from forming in your underarms. Your underarms are a naturally dark and wet place, so it is easy for bacteria to congregate there. Our natural, 100% aluminum free deodorant contains potent botanical oils that kill bacteria and stop odor from occurring.

Natural alternatives

We often forget that the products we apply to our bodies ultimately end up in our blood stream.  We are especially susceptible to any toxins we put on our underarms because there are several large clusters of lymph nodes in this area, which can transport these toxins throughout the body easily.

Not only that, but it is common practice for women in particular to shave their underarms. With no hair, there are no barriers to the absorption of potentially dangerous materials (including parabens, a common cosmetic and personal care product preservative) into this very sensitive area, and therefore the effects can be magnified.

Aluminum salts are used in deodorant and antiperspirant to help clog the pores and the sweat glands, and prevent one from perspiring. They help to prevent the wetness that some find embarrassing, and therefore can also control odor, although there are other ingredients in commercial deodorants that do this part as well.

However, by clogging these glands, people are essentially “backing up” an important process which the body uses to naturally rid itself of excess water, salt and other toxins. You are also preventing your body from cooling down, as the underarms are designed to sweat more because of the large concentration of sweat glands in this area.  This is your body’s primary “cooling system”.

What natural materials can be an alternative to aluminum to help dry out the underarms and help prevent too much wetness?  Cornstarch is a good ingredient for this. Its powder and absorbent consistency can help underarms stay dry in natural nontoxic deodorant.

Another is arrow root powder, which is a naturally ground fine powder from the arrowroot plant that has similar absorbent properties.  Instead of clogging, they help absorb excess wetness.

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