Do Artificial Fragrances Dry the Skin and Hair Out?

lotionI’m a big believer these days in using as many products as I can with absolutely no artificial fragrance. The cocktail of chemicals that can be used to make any given fragrance comes from a list of thousands.  This is why the first place I gave these fragrances up was in my body and some haircare products since I felt they had the most impact when coming into contact with my skin and scalp.

I remember a few times way back when the hyper-fragranced products were really popular when I was in my early twenties. I won’t name the exact stores that sold them, but suffice it to say the fragrances of these creams, lotions and sprays were so potent that they were almost nauseating at times.

The drying effect of artificial fragrance

Every single one of these heavily fragranced creams and moisturizers actually DRIED me out.  Sure, they may have advertised some enticing “natural” oils or emollients, but even those natural additions couldn’t compensate for the drying effects of the chemicals that not only made up the fragrances.

This includes  the likely presence of pthalates, which are a plasticizing agent which helps stabilize and prolong fragrance, and many times the presence of drying alcohols that had to be added to the formulas in order to help merge the scents together and create a more uniform smell.


Alcohol is often used in perfumes to help the perfume be preserved for a longer shelf life as well as a sort of blending agent that helps the scents disperse and meld together for a more pleasant scent.

Combine these with the presence of any number of drying chemicals in a perfume that are used to achieve whatever scent they are going for, and you have a cocktail of solvents and chemicals that are highly likely to rob your skin of moisture or at the very least do some damage to that top protective lipid (fatty) layer of skin that helps seal in the moisture.

I not only found this to be true for heavily artificially fragranced skin products, but also for hair care products that used a lot of artificial scents. I found that the stronger the scent in a hair product, whether it was a shampoo or conditioner, the drier my hair would be.

I’m basing this on years of experience with literally hundreds of brands. So much so that I became wary of using brands that used heavy artificial fragrances in their products so I would do a sniff test before buying if I could.

Hence, we use NO artificial fragrance

These are just a few of the reasons we do not use ANY artificial fragrances in our skin or body care products. We only use all natural essential oils to scent our products, and most of them also serve a dual purpose as a therapeutic agent of sorts. For example, citrus oils are cleansing and antibacterial and add a superior shine to the hair, while also acting as a natural, non-drying astringent to the skin.

Lavender oil is a natural skin soother and antibacterial agent. It can help with skin redness and also has a calming effect on the mind due to its sensory impact on the brain.  These are just a few examples of what these all natural plant extracts can do.

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