EWG’s Skin Deep Database is Back!

A very valuable resource to people who want to make sure they are using the best and healthiest body, hair and skin care available is finally back up after a renovation. Not only is it more user friendly now, but they also seem to have added a lot of products to their valuable database (not ours yet, but we are diligently working on getting them added).

I’m talking about the EWG (Environmental Working Group) Skin Deep database.  What can you do here? You can actually find a ton of products that you have access to either on store shelves or online. Anything ranging from shampoo to conditioner to deodorant and toothpastes and cleaners.

They rate the products based on their ingredients and rate them on a number scale, with a zero being the safest possible. I’m happy to say I rated our Shampoo so far on the self-rating tool and it scored a Zero!!!!

Anyway, this is a very valuable tool and I’d highly suggest you check it out and see if the products you use every day are in there. It’s really interesting because some ingredients you may not have even known are potentially toxic could be.


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