Eyebrow and Eyelash Extensions Gaining in Popularity

Brows up closeEyebrow implants and extensions and eyelash extensions are a craze hitting with force as thicker brows and longer lashes are all the rage at the moment.

Something that not a lot of people know, but start to notice as they get older, is that it’s totally a natural process for you to lose certain types of facial hair (of course, not the kind you WANT to lose unfortunately), as well as the hair on top of your head. This goes for both women and men. In fact, most women and men over the age of 40 start to notice thinning hair in one or more areas, so it’s very common.

One of these areas that thins out is the facial hair on our face that we actually want to keep as women. Long, full and dark lashes can start to look thinner and much lighter, and the eyebrows begin to also lighten and fall out without replacing themselves like they did in our youth.

You might notice an even more pronounced difference if you were a fervent “plucker” earlier in life, since you’ve permanently damaged some of the follicles on top of the normal aging process for these types of hairs.

What ARE Eyelash and Eyebrow Implants and Extensions Exactly?

This is the same question I asked when I first heard these terms. Sure, I had heard of hair extensions, but I didn’t know the same principle could be applied to the tiny, delicate hairs that are so close to our eyes, one of our most precious (and sensitive) organs.  Turns out, these eyebrow enhancements are just now catching on in popularity, whereas eyelash enhancements had already enjoyed quite a bit of popularity.

How does the eyebrow extension and brow implant procedure work?

Eyebrow implants are actually a hair follicle implant, much like normal hair implants work. The more popular one though is the brow extension.  I read about one woman’s experience with eyebrow extensions, and she had a favorable review of the outcome, except for the fairly high cost of the procedure, which can range from $150 to $400 depending on where you look and the degree of expertise and reputation.

Basically, they start by dying your eyebrows so that it gets all those little tiny hairs that tend to be light in color. This alone helps to “fill in” bald areas and thinner areas that once were plentiful.  It also happens to be very easy to figure out how to do this part on your own, in your own home by buying an eyebrow dye kit.

The specialist will typically shape your brows as well.  Then, after the dye job and shaping to match the shape of your face and natural arch of your brow line, they start the painstaking process of adding tiny little individual hairs by using a special glue, one at a time. Yep, that’s where the high cost comes in.  Not only does it require a fairly high level of artistry to do it right, but it takes a lot of dexterity, a steady hand and a good aesthetic eye.

Natural Alternatives to Eyebrow and Eyelash Extensions

It’s very important to go to a reputable person for this service, since eyebrows can alter your entire appearance (for better or worse).  Now, what are some ways you can get your natural eyebrows to start growing in thicker and darker, without this type of cosmetic intervention? And without breaking the bank every few months to update your new look?

Use castor oil, rosemary oil, clary sage oil and lemon oil

Use a mixture of the inexpensive oils listed above. Just a few drops of each in about an ounce of castor oil can help rejuvenate the follicles and protect the hairs that are already there from falling out or thinning.  Simply smooth it on every night before bed time over your entire brow.  Results may not come for several weeks, but with consistency you should notice your eyebrows start to fill in a bit better in a few weeks.

Dye with a nontoxic eyebrow specific dye

This is a great way to fill in your brows.  You can re-do it every few weeks very inexpensively. Start slowly at first, leaving the dye on only for about one minute at a time so you don’t overdo it and get dramatically darker brows in one fell swoop.  Also, you’ll want to make sure you use a light hand at first so you don’t make the brows too thick at first. As with anything else you do on your own, it takes a little time and practice to get comfortable with it and GOOD at it.

It can really make a difference in the way your eyebrows look, especially when you’re not penciling them in manually with a makeup pencil, as is customary for most with thinning eyebrows.  If you overdo it a little at first, the dye will lighten in a day or two, it just takes time to fade a bit, just like any other hair color.

Pencil it in

Using a great brow pencil is a must when cosmetically filling in your brows on a daily basis.  One that comes to a fine point without being constantly sharpened is important, this way you get precision with every stroke. Also, make sure you do tiny, hair size strokes instead of broad, long strokes so you more closely mimic the look of natural brow hairs.

Picking the right color is also essential. This is where it pays to go to a professional makeup counter and have them match a color for your specific eyebrow coloring and skin tone.  Usually, a taupe brown works well on most skin and brow colors – avoid reddish tints and overly dark tints unless you are very darkly complected.


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