Face Exercises : How They Help Naturally Combat Wrinkles

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Face exercises are something that can really help keep your face lifted, shapely and naturally “taut” looking for years to come.  Exercises that target the facial muscles underneath the skin that essentially hold the shape and act like a home’s foundation does are a natural way to help fight wrinkles and sagging.

Facial exercises keep face naturally lifted

These exercises can also combat two of the biggest things that happen that we all hate as we age. One of them is those droopy “jowls” that tend to sag on the sides of our face as we get older. The other is the proverbial “turkey neck” which can hang down, or the double chin which is a very close relative to the turkey neck.

All in all, you don’t want to get surgery to address these issues. Surgery just makes people look too taut and fake. They end up looking as if they are permanently surprised or as if they have forgotten how to express emotions usually when plastic surgery is opted for.

The great thing is, exercises for the face muscles are totally free. You can get results by practicing them just a minute or two every day and the really cool part is that you can do it in your car on your way to work, on the phone, while watching TV or whatever floats your boat.

Look up pictures on how to do the various facial exercises that help pull the face up and back to where it should be. One of my favorites is opening your mouth as big as you can, while simultaneoulsy “flexing” you neck so that all the excess skin under the neck is taut. You do all of this as you push your bottom eyelids as if you are closing them from the bottom.

It’s hard to hold this for even a couple seconds at first, but as you get used to it, it does get much easier. And the results are great – they really help to reduce that double chin look and bring everything back up to where it should be to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and improve skin tone while preventing the slack look that can come with gravity and age.


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