Facial Exercises the Best Natural Way to Get Rid of Nasolabial Folds?

Nasolabial fold areaNasolabial folds. I never knew what these were until I was researching a few things a couple years back and came across a great article on the top things that really age your face.

The picture to the left obviously shows a face that is smiling, which accentuates the area – this model doesn’t have advanced folds (which would continue to show even when you’re not smiling), so this picture is really just for illustration purposes to show you the area where these deep depressions occur on the face.

One of the biggest “aging factors”

Surprisingly, most of the biggest aging factors that make people look older are not actually wrinkles! They are of course a factor in the appearance of aging, but wrinkles are not the first identifying factor that sets off the “age” alarm in our heads.

Loss of facial fat starts to happen once we enter our thirties – sometimes even earlier. While some of us may think that’s a good thing if we’ve always had plumper facial features, it actually is a principle factor behind how our faces tend to show age as we get older.

This is because our face begins to look more hollow in different areas such as under the eyes, the cheeks and the nasolabial fold area, which is on either side of the nose going down to the mouth.

Not only does it contribute to the hollowed out look correlated with age, but loss of facial fat also reduce the “natural filler” for our wrinkles.  When someone loses weight for example, it can actually make them look a bit older in the face since the wrinkles may stand out more due to a loss of volume and more slackness given to the firmness of the skin.

How can you fix or diminish nasolabial folds?

Or more importantly, what are the natural ways that we can help reduce the appearance of these folds?  Fillers like restylane, perlane and juvederm often dissipate within months, sometimes even weeks depending on the person’s absorption rate.

Not only that, fillers can displace themselves and migrate to other areas a short time after injected, leading to the face reverting back to the exact same disappearance (minus a good chunk of change).  Usually at least two vials are needed to fill nasolabial folds, so you could be out $1,000 or more by the time you leave the Doc’s office for this procedure. Not only that, you have to keep going back to get them done again!


Exercises offer a more permanent, natural solution to helping resolve this common complaint.  Why is that? Well, if you looks at the nasolabial folds on either side of the mouth, you’ll notice that when you pull back certain parts of your cheek area, you will see these folds completely disappear.

This is because under your skin, this area of the face has an intricate network of muscles. These muscles help to keep the face looking firm and youthful by pulling everything up and back – like a facelift without the scary frozen appearance.

When you work these muscles correctly, you can help pull your skin and the fatty tissue under it, back to where it needs to be. You thereby reduce the appearance of these folds naturally, without the help of a surgeon or aesthetician injecting things into your skin.

There is also a surgery for this, but it is very invasive and it could really result in potential goof ups any time a surgeon is cutting into your face and reattaching anything.  It could result in an undesired outcome, so the most natural, least invasive way is best when it comes to anything on the facial area.

There are multiple facial exercises online that address the cheekbone and general cheek area. There’s also one you can easily do in your car any time that only takes a few seconds on each side of the mouth. You simple fill both sides of the mouth, above the lip,  with air and hold for 20-30 seconds on each side, then once in the middle.  There are actually too many to mention here.

There are some great instructional videos on Youtube that show you exactly how to do various facial exercises for maximum impact, and many of them will help pull that drooping skin and subcutaneous fat that contributes to nasolabial folds, right back to where it should be.

Facial exercises are a great staple to add to your beauty regimen anyway. Think of your face as you do the rest of your body. It needs conditioning and toning just like any other area of the body would, and facial exercises help to accomplish that very goal.











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