Hand Made, All Natural Soaps

We carry a line of herbal-based handmade, all natural soaps here that are skin-friendly and will leave you coming back for more. They are made without SLS (see why SLS free products are the healthier choice for your skin), or sodium lauryl sulfate, the drying and irritating ingredient that is found in so many body care products, including soaps, cleansers and shampoos to name a few.

Our all natural handmade soaps also contain absolutely no chemicals, no artificial fragrances, no artificial colors, no propylene glycol (a petroleum by-product) and no parabens. We use only 100% all natural essential oils to create an aura of soothing natural scent as well as to add therapeutic skin-pampering properties.

The Warm Citrus Body Soap is a soothing, moisturizing sensory experience that enfolds your body in a rich creamy lather. Never drying, never irritating the skin, but instead delivering moisture and protection via botanicals enriched with vitamins and nutrients. No chemical film. No cloying, artificial scents. No drying chemicals that seep into the skin and enter the body.

Why is it important that there be no chemicals or artificial ingredients in the products that touch our bodies? Well, anything you put on your skin ultimately becomes a part of your body chemistry as it enters beneath the surface.

Buying green products is becoming increasingly favorable to people here in the U.S. This is because we have been educated more and more about the chemicals and toxins in the products that surround us every day.

Our non toxic soaps do not contain the chemicals and harsh surfactants and irritants that are in so many facial and body soaps today. If you pick up just about any soap from a store shelf, unless of course you are in the “natural” or “green” section of the market, you will find a litany of ingredients that are listed as probable carcinogens and tissue irritants.

Not only can many of these toxic ingredients irritate the skin, but they can also even irritate the lining of the lungs when inhaled. A completely non toxic soap should be free of not only harsh detergents such as the ones that are used to scrub floors and dishes, but it should also be totally free of artificial fragrance and synthetic colors.

They contain naturally derived fatty acids to create a smooth, creamy and non-drying lather that helps protect the skin’s delicate moisture balance rather than rob it of moisture. Harsh surfactants such as sodium lauryl sulfate actually strip the skin or its protective lipid layers, and make it more prone to absorb harmful toxins.

Sodium lauryl sulfate is listed as a lung, membrane and skin irritant, and is suspected as a carcinogenic agent due to its irritating qualities. There are much better, safer ways to cleanse the skin than with this cheap industrial cleaner that was never meant for skin in the first place.

It, along with many of its offshoots (there are several sulfates) is listed as an environmental pollutant as well, which means it sticks around in the environment and may even pollute the drinking water. In short, sodium lauryl sulfate, and many other
sulfates are best avoided in skin care and hair care products if you can help it.

There are actually more and more green, non toxic and eco-friendly soaps, skin and body care products, shampoos and cosmetics available that are very cost effective today. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to be safer about what you put on your skin or cleanse your skin with.

Naturally formulated skin and body care products such as ours often leave you using less because they are so much more effective. A little bit truly goes a longer way when you are using higher quality ingredients that are derived from nature.

Triclosan – This ingredient is still used in some antibacterial soaps and cleansers, particularly for the hands. The reason is its antibacterial properties. The problem is, this chemical has been identified as a cancer causing agent due to its potential dioxin contamination. Dioxin I is a poisonous substance that can result from the manufacture of other chemicals used in common household products.

Propylene Glycol – All of our products are formulated without this common additive. It is a petroleum by-product which is used in everything from soaps and cleansers to antifreeze, toothpaste, deodorant (our natural deodorant is formulated without this as well), cosmetics and even ice cream and processed foods.

Cocamide DEA – This ingredient also goes by the names of TEA, MEA, (MSDS), diethanolamine, and triethanolamine. These are foaming agents that are harsh chemicals which cause irritation and may be linked to several health issues.

Parabens – One of the most common preservatives used in all kinds of personal and body care products. They are extremely controversial. This family of chemicals can have the prefixes of “Methyl” “Poly” and several others. All should be avoided due to
their ability to mimic hormones and interfere with the body’s balance of male and female hormones, causing related health problems.

Lanolin – This is a moisturizing ingredient that many are now realizing is not only a potent allergen in some people, but also may contain toxins. It is derived from sheep skin, and has been touted for moisturizing properties. However, many people have allergies to it and it can often be tainted by pesticides.

Mineral Oil – Another potentially toxic petroleum derivative. Mineral oil is known for clogging pores and “suffocating” the skin rather than helping moisturize and protect it. It is actually one step away from being crude oil. This ingredient should be totally avoided in any products that are used on the skin. There are PLENTY of non toxic alternatives to mineral oil, so it is unnecessary as a moisture agent.

Artificial fragrance and colors – These can appear as the term “fragrance” on the label or “coloring”. They can really contain anything though since the fragrance is often protected under trademark or other similar rights. There are literally thousands of chemicals that can make up artificial fragrances.

Phthalates and other endocrine disruptors – These chemicals are often used to help make preparations more stable. They are known endocrine (hormone) disruptors which have been banned from children’s products. They are often used as stabilizing agents in artificial fragrances.

Artificial fragrances, which permeate many of the soaps on the market today, are chock full of chemicals. Most contain so many combinations of chemicals to achieve a certain desired scent that listing them all on the ingredient label would be exhausting.

This is why most are listed as “fragrance”. So, you never know exactly what chemicals you are getting when you buy artificially scented soaps. Artificial colors are the same way. Many contain chemicals to achieve the color they are looking for. Our handmade soaps contain no fake scents or colors.

To obtain a moisturizing lather, our natural soaps contain fatty acids that give the soap its shape and firmness. Unlike SLS, or sodium lauryl sulfate, these fatty acids do not penetrate and harm the skin’s delicate moisture barrier.

Sulfates are great surfactants and they have high lather potential, but all at the cost of penetrating and often removing the layer of cells that protect the skin. They are especially worrisome when used in conjunction with lotions that contain high amounts of chemicals in them, as they diminish the body’s natural defense against absorbing harmful chemicals.

Our all natural handmade soaps were made to be extremely effective at cleansing, while maintaining the protective layer your skin is meant to have. They never leave your skin feeling tight or dehydrated – and you can feel good that you and/or your family are not being unduly exposed to chemicals at shower (or bath) time!