Healthy Fats Infuse Hair and Skin with Moisture

argan treeOmega 3 fatty acids, NOT omega 6 fatty acids, which we actually tend to get way too much of in the American diet due to the oils typically used in the processed foods of today, are incredibly skin-friendly. They are not only healthy for your skin when taken in your diet, internally, but they are also wonderfully soothing, hydrating and nutritionally beneficial to your skin when applied externally.
Fatty acids, or medium chain fats, are notorious for being excellent for keeping the skin moist and smooth. They create almost an “internal moisturizer” in the body which translates into smoother, more supple and more easily hydrated skin. This is why those with diets severely deficient in these types of fats may have dry skin.

Of course, you also have to hydrate all day long with water, because you need to also keep those skin cells hydrated with water, which is what makes up over 90% of our body makeup, including our skin. For maintaining moist skin and the oils necessary to keep it moist into later years, you definitely want to incorporate healthy fats into your diet along with plenty of purified water.

This is one of the mainstays of keeping your skin looking great into older age, plus it just looks natural. Who wants to get their face shot up with muscle freezing shots or stuck with needles to fill deep lines and wrinkles? I’d much rather age gracefully and look good for my age rather than try to force my skin to look years younger using these techniques.

The funny thing is that these tend to actually change the way you look, and newer studies even show that these types of procedures often don’t really make you look any younger to others. What are some of these fats that you should incorporate into your diet, and also consider using topically to nourish the skin?

1.) Coconut oil. This is a wonderful oil both topically and internally for keeping skin smooth, and it actually is pretty safe for pores as well.

2.) Olive oil. This one is a little thicker and those with very oily skin or frequent acne may want to avoid it topically but it’s excellent for keeping your skin smooth when incorporated into the diet. New research shows that this oil is healthiest when it is not cooked, so try using it in salad dressings and other cold foods rather than using it to sautee anything. Heating olive oil actually changes its structure and morphs the omega 3 fats into omega 6’s, which is not what you want to add to your diet. Chances are you already have too many of those in your diet.

3.) Argan oil. This one is really not for eating so much as it is for topical use, but the topical uses are plentiful for the skin and hair.

4.) Apricot seed oil. This oil can be used for cooking, but it’s not a popular choice for cooking. Rather, its’ a great, lightweight and omega 3 rich oil that is safe for oily skin and excellent for all around moisture.

5.) Sweet almond oil. This is another one of the “lighter” oils for moisturizing the skin externally. Although I’ve found it to be a bit heavier than apricot kernel oil, it’s still lighter than coconut oil and olive oil (and argan oil as well come to think of it). It’s popular because of its high omega 3 content as well as its ease of spreadability.

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