Horsetail for Hair Growth – Takes Time, But Works Best for Accelerating Growth Rate

Herbal CapsulesI’ve written in the past about using Horsetail (otherwise known as its offical herb name equisetum) as a supplement for helping the hair to grow faster, thicker and stronger.  I’m here again to write about how much of a difference it makes when you’ve been taking the supplement for well over a year.

Horsetail Herb Benefits : Watch it Grow, Grow Grow

As with most supplements, it does take a while to build to levels where it makes an actual physical or noticeable difference.  Also, my husband and I have chosen to take only one a day, so it may have taken longer to really kick into high gear because of the lower dosage.

However, we’ve noticed that now that we’ve been on it for well over a year (perhaps close to two now), it’s making a huge difference in the acceleration of our hair growth. So much so that I may have to start visiting the stylist more often to get a hair trim so I can avoid those “thin ends” that come with prolonged adn abundant hair growth.

Additional Horsetail Herb Benefit : Tough as Nails!

Not only that, there is definitely also a noticeable difference in the growth and strength of my nails.  This doesn’t come as much of a surprise though, as horsetail is rich in a nutrient called silica, which is a strengthening agent for connective tissues.

It can really make a huge difference in the strength and rate of growth of your nails and hair because it helps to prevent damage by strengthening it, and “feeds” the body the right nurients to also facilitate faster growth.

It also happens to be very cost effective, many times costing just over five dollars for a two month or more supply (if you take one a day).  The reason we’ve chosen to take one a day is to avoid the rather bothersome diuretic side effect.

Be Aware : Diuretic Side Effect of Equisetum

We take one in the morning with breakfast and call it a day.  Be sure to drink plenty of water if you take horsetail, as you may notice you feel a bit dried out in the few hours surrounding the time which it is taken.

Other than the diuretic side effect, we have not noticed any other side effects, and after being on the supplement for many months, are pleased with the effects on our hair for such a reasonable cost.  It’s well worth a look if you’re concerned about hair thinning, slow hair growth, or simply want to accelerate your rate of growth for any reason (or strengthen your nails).

Another reported benefit of the horsetail herb is that it helps clear up Urinary Tract Infections, aids in reducing arthritis and other joint pains, edema (fluid retention), and strengthens weak bones among other things.

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