How Coloring Your Hair Can Destroy Your Scalp and Give You Dandruff

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  I know I certainly did. It’s going to be hard to get back in the swing of things next week. Now let’s get on to an important topic that many of you can probably identify with if you’ve ever had salon treatments of a chemical nature done to your hair.

Hair dye can destroy your scalp

Many, many years ago when I was in college, I went for the first time to get my “virgin” hair highlighted at the local salon near where I attended school.  I had never let hair dye touch my hair, and I wanted something different – a change for the upcoming spring. So I decided I wanted some blond colored highlights in my brunette hair.

Let me tell you, my scalp has never been the same since. Of course, I colored and highlighted my hair many times after that until I learned about the dangers of the heavy chemicals in most hair dyes and highlighting dyes. Then at least I started to use the safer stuff that didn’t irritate my scalp.  But all those years of chemicals certainly did some damage, and they actually resulted in some very difficult to reverse damage.

Chemicals dry out scalp, damage it and cause itching

You see, most of the focus is on how damaging coloring your hair is to your actual hair, but there is just as much if not more damage to your scalp, which is a living tissue, and which can also unfortunately absorb the potent chemicals into your blood stream.  The same goes for many of the popular straightening treatments out there today and other treatments which can alter the structure and texture of the hair for a long period of time.

Some have claimed bleeding spots on their scalp from this, burns, excessive dandruff, irritation and itching from getting these types of chemical treatments. Since they are super-irritating, they also result in excessive dandruff and flaking, and can even result in scabs being formed on the scalp.

A lot of the chemicals that are used in salons not only give off dangerous gases that are inhaled by not only customers, but repeatedly by the salon workers that are there day in and day out.

Some treatments have been reported to cause nosebleeds and respiratory and nasal irritation by salon workers. This famously happened with the Brazilian keratin treatments and it was found that many of them had high amounts of the toxic chemical formaldehyde.

Many of these toxic chemicals are highly corrosive to the scalp, and that is why women and men who repeatedly get chemical treatments experience horrible scalp health.  Some of the best ways to help restore scalp health is first off to stop chemical treatments and only use the safer stuff that doesn’t have things like resorcinol, peroxide, PPD and other harmful chemicals.

Damage control : TLC for your scalp

Also, if you’re a victim of past chemical treatments, your scalp may still be suffering the after-effects of repeated chemical exposure.  Using a nice coconut oil scalp soak (melting it down and putting it on the scalp) is not only soothing, but also helps to repair the scalp and add moisture back to it since corrosive materials dry the scalp as well.

Try to use the most natural hair products you can, including a sulfate free shampoo (guess what, ours is sulfate free!) and conditioners and other intensely hydrating products without all that artificial fragrances and colors. This is a great start to getting on your way back to scalp health, which also means you’ll have healthier hair.











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