How Do Hormonal Changes Affect Your Skin Every Month?

Both men and women experience hormonal ups and downs on any given day.  These changes can greatly impact your skin.  Of course, it is more of a known occurrence in the female world, but men also do experience hormone changes.  Men can also notice changes in their skin as well during any given time.  The difference is that men’s are mostly driven by outside stressors.

Estrogen is a necessity for the female body to maintain its essential “feminine” characteristics as well as biological and evolutionary mechanisms, like reproducing. Just like testosterone is essential to men.  These male and female hormones are the dominating force that gives the sexes their overall dominant purpose in life.

When the hormones are slightly out of whack from where they normally are, in harmony with the body’s rhythms, especially in women, they may notice telltale differences in their skin.

Increased color, or flushing

This can be caused by a surge of estrogen or testosterone.  It can cause a “heated” feeling in the face and drinking alcohol can exacerbate the effect.  This is a similar effect to when you may be physically over-exerted from exercise or when you’ve had a rush of adrenaline from being nervous, suddenly scared or embarrassed.

In people are naturally fair skinned to begin with, such as European nationalities, it is more noticeable and can often be a “mottled” look since it can mix with the naturally pale areas as well. These heated, inflamed areas are simply reacting to stress and anxiety, which can be exaggerated when hormone swings are going on in the body.

Bloating or swelling

Hormone changes or imbalances can also result in a puffy appearance. You may notice this under your eyes the most since we tend to retain the most fluid in the hollows of the eyes since this area provides the perfect “pocket” for fluid to come to rest.

However, you can also experience this bloated, puffy appearance in the cheeks as well, or as a general overall area on the face.  Avoiding salty foods can help you eliminated this look. Also, you can try to use cold used tea bags under the eyes to try to reduce swelling and tighten the area with natural caffeine.

Lack of color

Just like you may experience a flushing reaction from hormone changes, you also may experience a lack of color that is especially noticeable in the face.  This may be due to a lack of good blood flow that is temporary. Everyone’s body’s react differently to hormone changes, so this may not happen to everyone but a lot of women remark that they feel as though they look pale certain times of the month.

FYI that watermelon is an excellent vasodilator. It has an “opening” effect on the capillaries and blood vessels that essentially make our skin look “alive” because they help increase our circulation.  Eating foods like this can help you to maintain some of this color indicative of health and wellness during times when your hormones are dictating otherwise ?

Acne and bumpy texture

Blemishes, or acne, can affect anyone at any age.  When your body cannot successfully regulate its hormones due to natural cycles or even outside factors like a dramatically different diet or other stress factors that are unusual, you can break out. At any age. Yeah, it’s not fair but adult acne is more and more common in this era of the rush-around lifestyle. In addition, your skin may take on a bumpier texture, which indicates inflammation.

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