How Should You Wash Your Hair?

This is a loaded question. Mostly because it has many different moving parts that can vary greatly per your hair type and your personal preferences on how you like to style your hair, what kind of texture you like to give your hair and other individualized tastes.

Is there a “best way” to wash your hair?

Yes, there is a certain way that everyone should wash their hair when they do end up washing and conditioning. This applies no matter how often they wash and condition their hair.

I personally wash and condition every other day or sometimes once every three days.  If I had more time in my daily schedule I would probably do it every day, since my hair tends to look best after a fresh washing and conditioning.

Our shampoo is a really gentle, all-natural shampoo with gentle citrus oils and rich coconut oil to help your hair into a gentle lather.  So these tips for washing don’t apply so much to our shampoo as they might to others that use harsh ingredients like sulfates and big suds agents. These “big lather” agents really do more harm than good.

Washing your hair correctly – some basics :

1.)  The first rule is that you want to use plenty of water to make sure you get a good lather going.  If you don’t use enough water, you’re relying more on the lathering action of the shampoo itself, and you don’t want all that friction that most shampoos cause to have no barrier between (ie the water).

Water is great because first of all, it saves you from using too much shampoo and second, it’s a natural rinsing and cleansing agent in and of itself.  So make sure your hair is totally saturated with water before lathering your shampoo.

2.)  Second, make sure you use your fingers a lot on your scalp. Washing your hair is a great opportunity to stimulate the scalp and help keep the circulation going and the hair follicles healthy and rejuvenated.

It can also help with problems like dandruff.  It also happens to feel pretty wonderful, especially if you’re a person who showers at night like me because you’re too tired to do it early in the morning.

3.)  Don’t make the mistake of sitting there and lathering the shampoo too long. Your hair really just needs to be coated in the shampoo for moments and lathered for a brief time to get it clean. Now, if it’s been a long time since you’ve washed, you may want to spend a bit more time than usual.

You never want to lather longer than roughly a minute or just under. This can be too drying and irritating, and you risk getting too rough with your delicate hair if you go too long in the shampoo phase.

Another important pointer for properly washing your hair is to ALWAYS CONDITION. Conditioner is a vital step to getting your hair detangled, shiny and smooth. It makes it soft and pliable, so it easily glides through a comb before you dry and style or wash and go, whichever your preference happens to be.

A deep, hydrating conditioner is important for anyone with any hair type. Even if you tend to have fine or moist hair, a deep conditioner will keep your locks healthy and hydrated, more resistant to common issues like humidity, and frizz free. If you follow these few “rules of washing”, you’ll have more better hair days in no time.

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