Infrared Sauna’s Healthy Skin Benefits

SaunaI’m a huge fan of saunas. I believe in their healing and relaxing capabilities so much that my husband and I invested in an inexpensive infrared sauna a few years ago. Not only does it make me instantly relax as soon as the dry heat hit my body, but there were skin benefits as well that I wasn’t expecting.

Saunas for radiant skin

Of course for relaxation factor, it didn’t hurt that the dry, relaxing radiant heat was infused with the scent of the natural cedar wood used to construct it, but I would notice a marked improvement in my skin when I was using it normally in the winter time.

We don’t use it as much in the summer, but it’s a welcome retreat from the bone-chilling cold here that we tend to get in Ohio during the winter time and we find ourselves in it much more when it’s cold outside.

Sometimes I think the improvement of my skin is as much a function of the dry heat hitting it, opening the pores and stimulating the underlying collagen to produce and stay strong, but also the fact that it relaxes me so heavily.

As they say, a relaxed and happy person has vibrant skin.  It’s that “just back from vacation” look that no one can replicate because a lot of it has to do with the relaxation and carefree attitude that was enjoyed on vacation.

A good sweat equals a good detox

It is said that radiant heat has effects not only on the detoxification of the body via perspiration but also it has therapeutic effects on the mind and nerve center.  This is profound when you consider how much our mind and body is connected.

Perspiration, or sweating, is one of our body’s main methods of ridding itself of toxins that build up in the body.  If you were to measure the compounds found in the sweat, you’d not only find the sodium that is sweated out, but also a myriad of toxins that we absorb on a daily basis.

It is the body’s main way to get rid of toxic residue, other than getting rid of it via the digestive and elimination tracts which process foods that we eat.  One who sweats a lot and gets a lot of physical activity is often more healthy that someone who doesn’t perspire due to a sedentary lifestyle.

This is not only due to the fact that physical activity has a plethora of health benefits, but also because people who exercise and keep moving on a daily basis are moving the toxins out of the body more often.  They are also keeping things moving throughout their digestive system, which is another way of getting the stuff that doesn’t belong out.

If you ever have the pleasure of sitting in an infrared sauna, try putting your face up to the panels that emit the heat for a wonderful detox for the skin. Not only will it help to open the pores of the skin, but it also helps to stimulate circulation and also stimulates the formation of collagen. It also may even help to speed up wound healing, such as acne that has not yet dried up or other contusions or abrasions on the skin.

The unique thing about infrared saunas is the type of heat they use. Radiant, or infrared heat is different from normal heat in that it penetrates the tissues more readily and effectively.

The healing energy of radiant heat

Normal heat such as the type that comes from the heater in a home or in a normal, non-infrared sauna, does not actually penetrate the tissues so it doesn’t have the same deep tissue relaxation and healing effects as radiant heat.

Radiant or infrared heat is the kind of heat the sun emits. You’ve probably noticed the all-encompassing warmth and the wonderful comforting sensation you’ve experienced when stepping out into the natural sunlight before – that is what infrared heat is. It’s highly therapeutic and very comforting.

It is also very healing to the body and mind.  This is a big reason this type of heat is also so healing and nurturing to our skin.  Take a couple nights in an infrared sauna and you should notice your skin’s appearance improve.

Whether you have younger skin afflicted with acne, or more mature skin that is prone to wrinkles and fine lines or depressions, infrared saunas helps to address these issues on an ongoing basis.  It helps give you that “well-rested” look that only deep relaxation can achieve.


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