Ingredients in Natural Deodorant

Our Natural DeodorantLooking at the ingredient list of many commercial types of deodorants often times yields a laundry list of unfamiliar chemical names, artificial fragrances, petroleum derivatives and most concerning, aluminum. Thankfully though,there are many natural materials that act as deodorants and antibacterial agents that won’t compromise your health.

Bacteria is the primary reason for body odor, it’s not the actual sweating that makes you get that distinctly unpleasant smell. When we sweat, especially in our underarms, bacteria tends to collect in this area. The deep folds and dark space, which rarely gets aired out, is a great place for bacteria to grow very quickly.

This is why we get embarrassing body odor. If you are nervous or under a lot of stress, you may notice an even more pungent smell, due to the extra chemicals your body is sweating out from the stress which gives it a much stronger scent.

The best ingredients in a natural deodorant (like ours) are powerful antibacterial agents. Where you can find many of these in nature is by looking at a group of plant-pressed oils that are called essential oils because they are the “essence” of the plant or flower from which they were extracted.

Essential oils are the product of plants and herbs. They are the very “essence” of the plant, literally distilled down to a powerful and very potent oil that contains a variety of components.

Essential oils are the fundamental basis for our natural deodorant, and the powerful blend we use is the reason why our natural deodorant is so much more effective than many others on the market today.

The organisms found in these oils attack and kill bacteria, and often also act as an astringent or antiseptic which can be used in a diluted state to cleanse wounds.

Essential oils such as cedarwood, cypress, lavender, some citrus oils, and tea tree oil are known as antibacterial agents – which is why our formulation contains these oils. However, MOST essential oils contain some sort of antimicrobial and antibacterial properties due to their concentrated, potent nature.

Some oils that are terrific anti-microbials however cannot be used on the skin as they are too volatile (examples are cinnamon oil, which is too harsh for use on the skin), and must be used in great dilution to come in contact with the skin.

Some natural minerals and mineral salts may work as a natural deodorant, but often need a little help to be a deodorant that fully protects for a lengthy day against odor.

Baking soda can be a great component to use, which we do use as a very important ingredient in our natural deodorant formulation. You want to make sure any baking soda you use, whether it is in cooking or on your body, is ALUMINUM FREE as some baking soda and baking powder is reportedly contaminated.

Most normal grocers do not carry this option, they only carry the largest and most circulated commercial brands unfortunately. You will see “aluminum free” displayed on the label if the product is processed with absolutely none of this heavy metal toxin.

If you can use 100% natural deodorant with all natural ingredients, then you are doing your body a huge favor. Parabens (a common chemical preservative), aluminum, petroleum based by-products like propylene glycol, artificial colors, scents and other chemicals are all very dangerous to be putting in such a sensitive, closed off area as your underarms.

There are several clusters of lymph nodes near the under arm area, and to put chemicals and toxins in this area is simply not a good idea. All products that we apply to our skin absorb and get swept into our blood stream in a very short period of time. These chemicals do not simply sit on top of the skin and have no effect.

They can literally become part of our body and part of the internal workings of our bodies, interfering with everything from hormone balance to the functioning of our important organs. This is why it is imperative that you choose a natural, safe deodorant that really
works all day long.