Ingredients to Avoid in Deodorant

Underarm OdorEverything you apply to your underarms ends up inside your body as well as on top of the skin, which is why it is important to know your ingredients and what to look for as a safer alternative. Certain ingredients can cause not only irritation topically, but once in the body, they can cause things like hormonal disruption and nerve or cell damage.

Most deodorants contain many ingredients which are highly synthetic or harmful to the body upon repeated use, and many people do not know what these ingredients are. Our natural aluminum free deodorant contains none of these.

Below are the top ingredients to avoid in deodorant


Of all the ingredients to avoid in deodorant, this is the most prominent. Many studies have suggested a link between excess levels of aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease. Aluminum has also been implicated as a cause of breast cancer in women. Aluminum also comes attached to many compounds, including aluminum chlorohydrate, aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex glycol, and many others.


Parabens are a derivative of toluene, which is itself a derivative of a toxic petrochemical. Parabens include butyl, benzyl, propyl, methyl, and ethyl. Toluene and its derivatives are all harmful to the body if swallowed or ingested inany form. Skin contact with toluene or any derivative thereof is also harmful to the body and paraben contact should be avoided in any body care product.

Studies have shown that repeated exposure to these various types of parabens can have harmful effects on the reproductive system, and since the year 2000, no less than 13 separate research studies have proven that the various types of parabens act similarly to the compound estrogen. In tissue cultures and in animals, excess estrogen has been shown to catalyze the growth of cancer cells.

Propylene glycol (a petroleum derived ingredient)

Propylene glycol is suspected as a possible tissue irritant, and instead of nourishing the skin it masks it.  It has not been proven to have a link to cancer as of yet, but it is suspected by the EPA.

Silica or silicon(e)

Silicon, also listed as silica (not to be confused with the nutrient silica which is found naturally in plants and grains and is wonderful for the hair, joints and skin), is a carcinogen (cancer causing agent) and in an especially ironic turn for an element of a deodorant product, a skin irritant.


Some forms of talc are classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as carcinogenic, specifically, those talc products with asbestiform fibers. However, the amount of asbestiform fibers in talc products is at present unregulated, and manufacturers of products which include talc are not required to reveal whether their product is carcinogenic or not.


Avoiding this ingredient is very important. Triclosan is a skin irritant like silica. It has also been linked to dermatitis. It has been known to kill healthy bacteria in the body, and is currently listed as a pesticide by the Food and Drug Administration. Triclosan has also been linked to cancer, and has been identified as initiating carcinogenic (cancer promoting) activities on the skin as well as in the body.


Steareth has a large number of different forms, and the name “Steareth” may be followed by a number on ingredient listings.  In and of itself, steareth is naturally derived from vegetables, but in certain products such a deodorant, it is adulterated with a known carcinogen.

If the first step to a more hygienic bathroom and better health is to avoid all of the products above, the second is using natural deodorants without aluminum.

Though people can certainly avoid the ingredients above simply by looking, most adults can not avoid having to wear deodorant.However, using natural deodorants without aluminum or other harmful chemicals is easier than many people think. Many organic, chemical free products are listed on the Internet and in stores, which makes using natural deodorants (like ours here at Aura Sensory) without aluminum more convenient than it ever was before.

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