Lavender Oil : Not Just for Relaxing or Scenting Baths

Lavender has medicinal benefits

When many people think of the real plant oil lavender, they have a skewed perception of what it smells like. They have this perception because there are a lot of synthetic “lavender” scents out there that replicate the real essential oil to make it smell a lot sweeter than it really smells, with less of the antiseptic edge it tends to have in nature.

But it is precisely this medicinal smell that lends itself to its fantastically natural antibacterial qualities.  This oil is central to the antibacterial acne soap we make actually.  Along with the toning and antibacterial agents of lemongrass and tea tree oil, it really makes for a  powerful yet gentle cleansing agent for oily skin that keeps over-producing sebum.

Inhaling lavender may produce beneficial changes in brain activity

Lavender is also being studied for its ability to produce physiological changes in the brain such as relaxation, concentration and a general sense of well-being.

The scent of lavender is mostly known as a relaxant, however it also has calming properties to the skin when applied topically. It is one of the few pure essential oils that can be applied to the skin in full concentration without triggering any type of irritation because it is so mild and soothing – although it is ALWAYS recommended to dilute essential oils before using them.

Although essential oils are all natural plant materials, they contain compounds that can be volatile when they are in such a concentrated form.

Excellent natural antiseptic, antibacterial agent

Lavender is an excellent antiseptic also and has so been used for centuries to help heal skin burns, contusions and abrasions more quickly.  Since lavender is relatively easy to grow, the essential oil is reasonable – although definitely not the cheapest one.  The least expensive essential oils typically are in the citrus family because the peels from which they are extracted are simply larger and produce more oil with a smaller amount of material.


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