Lemon Juice, Vinegar and More Make Great Natural Household Cleaners

Citrus FruitsNatural cleaners may not do the trick no every single stain, mess or grime you may have to clean up.  However, they also won’t burn your nostrils with toxic fumes and fill your air with toxic particles that can be inhaled for several minutes after you spray them. Worse, they can even settle on your foods and other consumable items or water if you have any of that laying around unprotected.

Of course, they can also absorb into your skin and therefore into your blood stream where they can also cause problems within your body. So, needless to say, there are many good reasons for choosing more natural cleaners in your household instead of the heavy industrial chemicals marketers would have us believe we need.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is an excellent natural cleaning agent. It’s just acidic enough to clean and disinfect most surface areas.  It also smells really great as you know!  Lemon and other citrus juices can also add a nice natural shine to wood surfaces and usually will not damage these surfaces since they are not too overly acidic either.

Alternately, you can also use lemon essential oil diluted in water to surface clean with a great smell.  Rosemary essential oil and lavender essential oil also have excellent naturally antibacterial properties, and you can make a really great antibacterial cleaning spray out of these.


Several types of vinegar, including white vinegar, apple cider vinegar and wine vinegar have that same acidity that lemon juice does. It makes it a great antibacterial agent and can also act as an antimicrobial agent as well. Some people may not like the smell too much, so you can always mix it with water and some pleasant smelling essential oils to get a little more pleasure out of using it.

Vinegar also makes a great window cleaner. It must be diluted in water to work correctly.  The reason it works so well on glass is due to its acidity that is similar to ammonia, the harsh chemical that is used to clean windows in most window cleaners.  Actually, come to think of it, any vinegar smells MUCH better than ammonia, so that’s not too bad a trade-off.

Hot water

Hot water is one of my favorite natural cleaners. It’s also practically free (aside from what you pay for water).  If you have one of those cool hot water dispensers, it’s even easier to have a handy natural, totally scent free, very effective cleaner right at your fingertips.

Hot water really gets things clean fast, and it kills bacteria well too.  It won’t leave marks or streaks on anything (except glass), and there is no odor to it for those that are sensitive to smells.  It really is the great multipurpose natural cleaner that is practically universal for all types of cleanups including rug or carpet spills, counter cleanups, stainless steel cleaning, porcelain cleaning and more.


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