Make Your Own Sulfate Free Toothpaste Scrub

Baking SodaMake a nontoxic, sulfate free toothpaste at home!

This is a very simple, home made refreshing toothpaste and whitening scrub that can be made easily in your own home with very little effort.  What’s wrong with most commercial toothpaste? Well most of it (except the natural brands of course) contain SLS or Sodium Lauryl (or Laureth) Sulfate.

As you know, if you’ve read our informative page about SLS or sulfates can be corrosive to the surfaces they clean. They can actually irritate your gums and the lining of your mouth and lead to increased incidents of things like canker sores and mouth sores as well as the corrosion of the enamel on your teeth.

The reason it is used in most toothpastes is because it gives a greater illusion of cleaning because it has such a large amount of sudsing/lathering that occurs. However, you don’t need this to get surfaces clean. It just makes it seem like you’re getting your mouth cleaner because you’ve been conditioned over the years for all your hygiene products to produce such a huge amount of suds.

This simple home made tooth paste and teeth whitener will get your mouth super clean, fresh smelling and free of the bacteria that can lead to issues in your mouth.  So here is the recipe. Enjoy the chemical free freshness!

Ingredients needed:

1.)  4 T baking soda (best to use the natural kind that advertises it is free of aluminum to be safe)

2.)  Peppermint oil (often called peppermint essential oil).  You will use about 20 drops or more of this, or to your liking depending on how strong you want the mint flavor and scent to be.  If preferred, you can also use spearmint oil.

3.)  Distilled water. You will need about 1 1/2 to 2 T of this, depending on how thick a paste you would like.

4.)  A small storage container to store the freshly made paste.

If you’d like, you can double this recipe if you’re sharing with someone else and it will be used faster.  Keep it tightly sealed so it doesn’t dry out.  All you do is simply blend all of the ingredients together with a small wire whisk or fork until it is smooth.

You may dip your tooth brush in to get the paste on the brush and simply use it as you would any other toothpaste, rinsing your mouth thoroughly after use.

You will be surprised at what an effective cleaning this gives your teeth and your mouth.  It is also really a great tooth polisher and whitener thanks to the baking soda’s gentle polishing and stain-fighting action.


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