Natural Breath Fresheners

Oil PullingMany of us are accustomed to popping mint flavored gum or mints in our mouth every time we feel our breath might need a little freshening. This provides a little instant freshening, but it soon fades and who wants to be popping mints or gum all day long?

Also you may be getting a dose of artificial sweetener made with asparatame or other carcinogenic and toxic sweeteners in it. Even gum that isn’t considered sugar free has artificial sugar alcohols in it (most of it anyway).

You may be able to find healthier alternatives at your natural health food store. There is actually a great brand I was able to find whose name escapes me at the moment that contained xylitol instead of toxic artificial sweetener. Some of them also may simply contain pure sugar, which is still a better option than artificial sweeteners even if it is bad for your dental health.

Natural breath-freshening alternatives

Eating an apple or another form of crunchy, fibrous fruit will often freshen your breath. Not only does it freshen the scent, but crunchy snacks like apples, carrots and celery help to physically scrub the odor-causing bacteria from the teeth and gums.

In addition, if you’re snacking on something green and crunchy (like broccoli or celery for example), you get the added freshening benefit of the chlorophyll in the veggie. Chlorophyll is the pigment that makes vegetables green and it has great breath-freshening capabilities.

There are even chlorophyll based supplements that are supposed to help freshen your breath (and other bodily odors) from the inside out that a lot of people swear by.

Drink a lot of water – put lemon juice in for extra freshening

Drinking a lot of water is absolutely vital.  This does not include soda or other drinks since they don’t have the same cleansing effect. By keeping your mouth flushed out with pure water, and keeping it moistened, you’re helping the bacteria that tend to build during the day on its way out.

Have you ever noticed when you wake in the morning that you have the distinct bad taste and odor coming from your mouth – otherwise known as “morning breath”? Well, that’s because you haven’t opened your mouth all night and likely haven’t gotten up to drink anything and air it out.

All that time being closed and not rinsed out with water makes the bacteria collect quicker. After all, your mouth is a dark, moist area and these types of areas tend to develop bacteria growth the easiest.

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