No Aluminum, No Artificial Fragrances
Aura Sensory Natural Deodorant
Our all-natural deodorant is BACK!  Just in a different package this
time. After hearing how many customers really wanted to see this
product come back, we knew we had to find a way to offer it.

Many wrote to us and expressed how they really felt this was the best all-natural
deodorant they'd ever used. So we decided to take it out of "temporary retirement"
and package it differently to resolve a lot of the consistency, roll-up functionality and
waste issues we were having in the previous stick form.

This is a deodorant balm (similar to a body butter texture). You apply it with your
fingers instead of rubbing a stick under your arm.  The result? Much less product
waste - no digging into an applicator to get it out when it gets toward the end.  

Better, more even application.  This is a VERY concentrated formula. You only need
about the size of a pea or just a bit larger in some cases, to cover your underarm
area. It applies smoothly, with no clumping, since it smooths on easily when it
comes to contact with warm skin.

Think a natural deodorant can't be effective?  Ours is very effective
completely free of aluminum, synthetic fragrances,
preservatives such as parabens, and dyes
.  Gardening?  Jogging?
Going to the gym?  Sweating outdoors in the heat and humidity?  
Stressful day at work?  Our formula provides
all day odor protection, and works all
day long to keep your underarms free of offensive odors.

Many deodorants that are aluminum free still contain propylene glycol, which is a
type of mineral (petroleum) oil that is considered a toxin in various concentrations.  
It also has been reported to cause allergic reactions and irritation.  

Our product is very effective due to
powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial
agents that are found in nature
(see ingredient list to the lower left).  

Unlike many other natural deodorants, you will not notice odor after several
hours of wearing as the odor-fighting compounds remain in effect all day.

  • No aluminum, parabens, petroleums, triclosan, or chemical preservatives.
  • All day, 18 hour odor protection no matter what you're doing.
  • 2 oz. compact size is perfect for travel.  Long lasting, concentrated formula.
  • Clean "lemon tea" like scent from 100% pure essential plant oils (NO
    artificial fragrances) suits both men and women.  
  • Lavender, tea tree and orange & lemon essential oils are some of the best
    natural antibacterial & deodorizing agents.
  • Includes conditioning skin ingredients for sensitive skin.
  • No residue on your underarms or clothes. Now a cleaner, no-clumping, more
    efficient  application.  
  • $8.00

The aluminum that is in so many commercial grade deodorants is effective against
sweating (to a degree, we all know even the most potent ones still allow some
sweating) for a reason.  It actually clogs the pores that allow the skin to sweat.  
Your body, particularly this part of your body, does need to sweat a little though.

Your under arms contain the largest concentration of sweat glands compared to
any other area of the body
.  This is primarily how your body rids itself of toxins.  
Underarm sweating serves a purpose in nature, to help eliminate excess salt, and
to naturally cool the body off when it is overheated.  

When you coat the underarms with silicones, aluminum, and
synthetics, you are preventing your body from utilizing these natural processes -
essentially blocking your body's primary method of detoxification.
 There are a
variety of toxic synthetic ingredients in commercial deodorants that clog the sweat
glands, scent the product, and preserve it for a long shelf life.  

The fact that aluminum clogs the sweat glands is in itself problematic, as the body
does need to emit some sweat from the underarms. Sweating is one of the largest
means by which we rid our body of toxins, so blocking this from happening is simply
not a good idea.


Features of Our Natural Aluminum Free Deodorant

See our special gift bag
offer for $25.50
"It works great on controlling
odor. Other naturals like roll-ons
have to be re-applied
throughout the day, but I put
this on once in the morning and
it works all day.  It's the best
natural deodorant I've tried." -

"I love this deodorant! It smells
fresh and isn't too thick or too
thin on works great. Thanks!" -
Ingredients: Organic Coconut
Oil, Beeswax,  Distilled Water,  
Baking Soda (Aluminum Free),
Organic Shea Butter, Sea Salt,
Xanthan Gum, Vitamin E,
Lavender Oil, Orange Oil, Tea
Tree Oil, Lemon Oil

* This product has a
4-6 month
shelf life from date of purchase.