Natural, Nontoxic Mosquito Repellant Ideas

mosquito free clip artMosquitoes are in full swing right about now in many parts of the US. They love the heat and humidity, and the moisture and rain that often accompanies many areas that get a lot of humidity (we here have been drenched in huge storms for several weeks now) makes for perfect breeding grounds for the little buggers.

If mosquitoes don’t really like you, then it may not be such a big deal. However, most of us aren’t so lucky, and mosquitoes will likely swarm around us in an effort to get a taste of our blood and potentially expose us to disease while also giving us a nasty welt that itches for days.

So if you don’t want to spray those chemical-loaded mosquito repellants on your skin that contain everything from DEET to artificial fragrances and other toxins, then what are your options? Well thankfully there are plenty of other options that are totally nontoxic as well as effective.

Some essential oils act as insect repellants

The first are several different essential oils that act as bug repellants in general. Perhaps the most well known because there are candles made with its essence that people use to ward off mosquitoes and other pesky bugs is citronella.  Citronella essential oil has the scent that ranges from citrusy to slightly minty. Citronella is a grass, and the oil that is extracted from it is fairly reasonable in price.

It actually smells really good in my opinion. I’ve always enjoyed the smell even when surrounded by citronella cadles. However, they aren’t so effective in keeping mosquitoes away from you if they really are attracted to your scent, so you can make your own concoction including citronella essential oil, or buy one of the organic or natural brands that include this oil to ward off bugs.

Basically, there are many essential oils that mask your scent so that mosquitoes cannot detect you as well. They also may act as a repellant simply because mosquitoes don’t like the smell of it.

These other essential oils include some of the oils we use in some our products here at Aura Sensory. They include lemongrass essential oil, ecucalyptus oil, cedar oil, and vanillin.

Other natural mosquito and bug repellants

There are other natural repellants that don’t have to be “worn” in order to keep these little biting insects away. By the way, flies bite as well, and they are just as painful and annoying as mosquito bites often times.

The first is something that most people already have in their possession. A fan. Keep a fan on you and your group and the mosquitoes don’t like flying against the wind it creates, so they avoid you. They also get thrown off from your scent because the wind around you is carrying it away, so it acts as a deterrent in a couple ways. Plus, you don’t have to spray yourself with anything.

Another isn’t really all that practical, nor is it healthy all the time, but smoke and fires help keep mosquitoes away. This is why you may notice they leave you alone when you’re sitting by the campfire or by the grill. Smoke and fire-heat keep them away, so you might want to cozy up to that fire the next time you’re at a bonfire or cookout.


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