Nature’s Vitamins, Minerals and Fiber a Natural Cancer Deterrent

Citrus SoapI read a lot about studies involving diet and exercise, including a lot about how these two lifestyle choices affect the odds that people will get cancer or whether they will survive cancer and go into remission if they’ve already gotten it.  There seems to be a universal theme that increasing natural whole foods such as vegetables and fruits has a unifyingly positive effect on cancer odds.  Not only that, it has a ripple effect on overall health.

This includes things like body weight and BMI, which have a profound effect on the risk of several different types of disease especially those of the degenerative nature cause by aging which can be easily reversed or controlled by lifestyle changes.  It also includes heart health, respiratory health, mental health, cognitive health, and generally spreads to all of the organs and functions of the body. In other words, you are what you eat.

Shouldn’t be a shocker to any of us. I’m sure we’ve all experienced its power.  However, we also find it so easy to fall back into old destructive habits of eating the wrong kinds of food which are not conducive to health, and also not exercising but instead choosing a sedentary lifestyle.  It’s a human weakness. We don’t generally want to get up and sweat, but doing it and feeling great is what makes us want to do it, and this takes several experiences to form the habit.

What we need to remember is that nature is the best provider.  Mother nature has an abundance of foods for us to eat.  Think about how many fruits and vegetables grow naturally.  It was no accident that our planet has been endowed with all the sustenance we need to survive.  We emerged throughout evolution as natural hunters and gatherers, and over time industrialization and processing overtook our food supply. This made it easy to get food with very little work (ie exercise) and it also reduce the nutritional quality of the foods we eat by processing the nutrition right out of it.

Along with this industrialization, a lot of people argue, degenerative diseases like cancer emerged.  Could it perhaps be linked to diets that are largely devoid of any real nutrition?  The high water content of the foods we used to consume so much of before processed foods took over was naturally satisfying, so we consumed less calories and fat.  Now we consume way more calories, fat and sugar than we have before, and look how out of control our population is in regards to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other types of disease that are often driven by dietary choices.

One study that is going on right now is looking at the connection between diet and exercise and prostate cancer. It has seen great success in slowing the rate of prostate cancer growth in men who have followed a simple rule of getting up and moving more, exercising, and greatly increasing their fruit and vegetable intake. Many of the men on the study are losing weight AND seeing positive results in the slowing progression of their cancer.

This is certainly no coincidence although science will need to of course validate the findings 100%.  If nothing else, look at how you feel when you’re eating these whole foods. Don’t you feel a lot better? A lot “lighter”? Are your moods more easily controlled?  Do you feel you have more energy to burn?  Can you think and focus better?  Do you get sick less often?  My guess would be that your answer to these questions is a resounding yes because it’s that powerful to eat right.  And that is probably all you need to know…


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