Need an Eco Friendly Gift Idea? Our Natural Body and Hair Care Gift Bag is perfect!

Gift Bag with BorderDo you have a family member or friend for whom you’re looking for an eco-friendly or “green” gift? If so, we have a great gift idea that will suit both men and women in our very popular gift bag special.

It’s a combination of 4 of our best selling products, and it’s all free of toxic chemicals, petroleum by-products, and artificial fragrances and colors. These are products you can feel good about putting on your body, and they are products that contain wholesome yet effective ingredients.

Not only are they hand made with natural and as-often-as-possible organic ingredients, but they are also very effective as well. Here’s a summary of what comes in the economically priced Natural Body and Hair Care Gift Bag :

  •  Natural Warm Citrus Body Lotion 8 oz bottle – This is a rich body lotion full of antioxidant-rich and naturally moisturizing ingredients like organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, pumpkin seed oil, almond oil and more. It is lightly scented with warm, rich essential oils of sweet orange and other citrus oil mixed with crisply scented herb oils of basil and cucumber oil.
  • Our two top sellers : Deep Hydration Conditioner 8 oz. jar and Natural (Sulfate Free) Shine Enhancing Shampoo. These two hair care products leave your hair soft, shiny and naturally bouncy. Your hair improves more and more the longer you use it, as many of our repeat customers will attest to. Works for any hair type to help restore health and manageability, as well as to optimize scalp health. As usual, no artificial fragrances, petroleums, sulfates, DEA’s or TEA’s, and no parabens or other endocrine-disrupting preservatives.
  • All Natural Lip Balm – This incredibly moisturizing lip balm contains no petroleum or waxy petroleum by-products. It’s made simply, with beeswax as its base, and organic coconut oil and castor oil supply ongoing moisture without the waxy feeling. Comes in two different flavors, gift bags vary month to month on which one we offer depending on supply. Comes in Herb Mint Citrus and Sweet Citrus flavors, both completely natural, no artificial flavoring. They are sweetened with stevia.

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