No Frizz : Tips to Greatly Reduce Frizzy Hair

HairIt’s still winter time, but pretty soon we’ll be coming up on spring and summer time, when frizz becomes more of a concern due to the naturally higher humidity during this time of year. But guess what, there can still be humid days in the middle of the winter, and with that comes a bad hair day due to excessive frizz.

Frizz occurs when the cuticle of the hair is roughed up and the water in the air (humidity) puffs up the appearance of the hair because it expands the diameter of the hair and also makes it appear large (not in a good way, there’s a difference between good and bad body, we all want the GOOD kind of body of course) and dry.

Thankfully there are quite a few things you can do to help keep your hair smooth with minimal flyaways and with minimal bothersome frizz.  Some are simple and totally free. Others may cost you some money, but in the end they can be one of the best investments you ever made in your hair.  I myself forego frequent haircuts and instead put my money on some of these suggestions.

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*We’ve just added a 100% pure, organic, cold pressed argan oil to our offerings. It is the best organic argan oil we’ve ever tried, so we wanted to offer the pure oil to our customers.

I find that if my hair is kept healthy, it really reduces the need for frequent trims, and that right there can save you anywhere from $20 to $80, depending on how expensive your salon is.

First off, try drying your hair with an old, soft cotton t-shirt instead of your bath towel.  We often use a towel to wring out excess moisture when we step out of the shower. Or some may even wrap their hair on the top of their head in a towel-turbin.

The problem is that most towels are made of a rougher terry cloth type of material that can really rough up the cuticle, especially if you squeeze the hair over and over in an effort to remove the excess water.

While this may reduce blow drying time, it certainly doesn’t help with frizz. Using an old t-shirt doesn’t create friction because it is such a soft, closely knit material. You can still wring out a lot of excess moisture, reduce drying time and reduce frizz to boot by using this method.

Sleep on a satin or silk pillow case.  This also helps reduce frizz due to material chafing on the hair. If you are a restless sleeper like I am, this can really save your hair in the morning. Try it out, and you won’t believe how much tamer your hair looks in the morning.

Don’t wash your hair in super hot water. Try to use just warm water when it comes to the hair-washing portion of your shower or bath.  Hot water can dry the hair out, just like it can dry the skin out, and dry hair is much more prone to frizz. Hair that is moist and strong is the most frizz-resistant.

Buy a good ionic hair dryer that also dries quickly. A hair drier that dries hair quickly and with the power of ionic technology helps with frizz in a few ways. First, the ionic air is supposed to help flatten the cuticle which results in higher shine, less flyaways and less frizz. Second, cutting the drying time down with this technology helps reduce the amount of time your hair is exposed to drying heat.

Soon we will be releasing pure, 100% organic cold pressed and undiluted argan oil. This oil is not only excellent for dry skin, but a tiny half squirt or squirt can really help tame frizzies (use sparingly, it can be overly oil if over-applied). Concentrate first on the ends, rubbing it between plams so it only gets a small amount on the hair, then smooth hands over the top of the head to help with flyaways with whatever is left.


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