Oregano for Colds and Lung Congestion?


Oregano is a delicious savory herb used heavily in Italian cuisine along with basil. It is a well-known addition to marinara sauces, pizza toppings, and even is used in olive oil for dipping piping hot Italian bread in to.

But the herb, which is inexpensive and easily accessible even in its fresh form at stores now, is also known for something else that may help you through cold season. The herb has some promising properties when it comes to encouraging lung health, helping to clear congested lungs and maintaining healthy lung tissue.

Oregano is a powerful anti-inflammatory

Oregano contains compounds within its leaves that are naturally anti-inflammatory which means they can help protect your delicate lung tissue from inflammation when it becomes irritated due to infection or a cold. Inflammation is what causes pain and discomfort in the lungs when we are sick, and coughing a lot only irritates it more.

Oregano is a natural antihistamine (histamine blocker)

Oregano also contains several compounds which act as natural antihistamines. This means they help to block allergens and prevent them from inflaming and irritating tissues and causing reactions. This helps it act as a sort of natural decongestant. Much better than having all the side effects of the ones you buy at the drug store!

Rich in several other vitamins and nutrients 

Interestingly, oregano is also rich in quite a few nutrients, which doesn’t hurt when you’re sick since it can be hard to get real, healthy food down when you’re not feeling well. It is rich in calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamins A and C among others.

So next time you’re starting to feel a little sick, try adding a lot more fresh oregano to your foods. Not only will it add a ton of zesty flavor to your dishes, it also can enhance your recovery and help mend your lungs quicker.




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