Panthenol, AKA Pro Vitamin B5 and Its Hair and Skin Benefits

Conditioner with BorderYou have probably heard both of the terms “panthenol”, “dl panthenol” and “Pro Vitamin B5” before in reference to key ingredients that may be in hair care products (mostly) and even some skincare products as well.

Two of our products have this ingredient in them, one is our Nourish & Hydrate moisturizing face cream and the other is our Deep Hydration Conditioner. Why do you find this ingredient in so many hair and skin care products? What are its benefits, and why should you seriously consider using a product with this vitamin in it?

Deep, Penetrating Moisture

The first and foremost benefit of panthenol or Pro Vitamin B5, is its ability to deeply moisturize and penetrate the skin and hair.  It deposits nourishing moisture deeply into the cortex of the hair, as well as deep within the various layers of the skin.

For the skin, this makes it appear more supple and helps to prevent wrinkles and smooth existing lines and wrinkles. For the hair, it helps prevent moisture loss, locks in moisture from other ingredients in your hair products, and deeply penetrates the hair and helps nourish the scalp as well.

In addition to deeply penetrating moisture, it has the additional benefit of being a weightless volumizer for the hair since it helps infuse it with moisture. This helps it to get that popular “bouncy” look. It also helps to smooth the cuticle of each strand because it does have such an advanced ability to penetrate.

Once panthenol is absorbed into the skin, it converts to something called pantothenic acid which is another term you may have heard of before.  This is essentially the B5 vitamin that is used as an interchangeable term for panthenol.

Because it is so effective at imparting deep moisture, it is also used in treatments that are geared toward reducing the appearance of stretch marks.  It helps plump everything out, and it really helps to smooth the skin out wherever it is applied.

Strengthening ability of panthenol in skincare and haircare

Panthenol has an excellent bonding quality, which adds to its moisturizing ability but which also helps to strengthen the hair in particular.  When you have more “structure” to the hair by adding ingredients like this vitamin B5, you add more resilience and strength because there is strength in the layers it builds to protect.

Regular “deposits” of pro vitamin B5 into the hair will just help to strengthen and smooth it more over time. Plus, it’s excellent for providing that softened body that everyone loves.  Who wants “bigger” hair if it’s dry, coarse and frizzy after all?

The fortification this ingredient provides for the hair over time really provides a great foundation for strong, healthy and vibrant hair. It really is a valuable ingredient when it comes to hair products. Skin care products too, but it’s REALLY great in hair products if you have a naturally coarse hair texture.


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