Probiotics – A Remedy for Acne and Rosacea?

ProbioticsWhen I read about some exciting new studies on how probiotics have shown some big promise on helping to treat two common skin conditions, I couldn’t help but reflect on how ironic it is.  Let me explain.

I experienced years of moderate to severe acne

It was really a struggle because I was already a shy introvert.  When breakouts started to dominate my skin more often than not around the age of 14, it just made me withdraw further into myself.  Teenage acne is challenging since these are the naturally insecure years where you’re just beginning to find out who you are.

I did see a dermatologist a couple times, and usually they would put me on antibiotics like tetracycline and give me a topical treatment. Unfortunately these common acne treatmentst would do nothing but dry out my skin and make it virtually raw with redness.  I cringe when I think of all the months I must have spent on antibiotics for the treatment of acne.

This is because now I know how incredibly destructive long term antibiotic use can be.  I now take a probiotic supplement daily and have found it delivers immense health benefits.  I also feel it helps replenish what was probably destroyed all those years ago on antibiotics.

The irony of finding out probiotics may also help acne and rosacea

Which brings me to why I think it’s ironic they are now studying the antithesis of antibiotics – probiotics – for the treatment of acne and rosacea.  Probiotics are healthy bacteria that naturally inhabit the linings of our digestive tract. They help combat things like bloating, gas and irregularity (both constipation and diarrhea).

They keep our digestive and elimination process smooth, making us feel comfortable. We all know how uncomfortably bowel issues can be!  The new studies that are looking at their possible connection to healthy skin are also showing that this lining they provide also helps reduce inflammation throughout the body, including inflammation in the skin.

An “Inflammation Barrier”

Both rosacea and acne are related to inflammation.  When the skin is irritated and the pores are inflamed, the redness and bumps and postules that come with both acne and rosacea are the result.

The new science showing the connection between probiotics and these skin conditions shows some pretty powerful evidence that those with a lot of these precious tiny organisms in their digestive tract show bast improvements in both rosacea and acne skin conditions.

These findings add new meaning to what some consider the “epicenter” of our health and immunity – the bowels and digestive tract. Some say that “death begins in the colon” and it may be more true than we know.

The health of the colon, intestines and digestive tract seem to be related to multiple other facets of our health, including the health and beauty of our skin. After all, the health of the skin can often reflect what’s going on inside the body.

The studies may also result in new topical application for probiotics on the skin. However, this is still in its infancy.  I would say that making sure you get probiotics in your daily diet is important if you want to have healthy skin AND a healthy immune and digestive system.  If you hate yogurt and other foods that naturally contain these organisms, then find yourself a good probiotics supplement.

I use Schiff brand daily probiotic, which I took a picture of and posted at the top left. I only take one in the morning, and have found it’s done wonders for my digestive health – and who knows, maybe my skin too!

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