Products Made in the US Gaining More Following

american flagI was very pleased to read an article the other day about how having the label “Made in the USA” is really gaining a following among American shoppers. It’s showing that there is a pride in our country and that people are aware that part of the reason we’re in the financial situation we’re in today is because American made products were falling out of favor.

This is because products made overseas can be made for a fraction of the cost.  Stores import them, and even with the shipping costs, they can still obtain these products wholesale for a fraction of the cost of products that are made in the US.

However, it is a well known fact that products made in America are typically going to be made with more high quality materials and also are going to last longer.  This of course is not always the case, but it often times is for the smaller products we’re talking about.

The Swiss have their watches, the Europeans make excellent cars and chocolates, and of course “Cuban” cigars will always be known as the epitome of quality. And that’s great.

But we need to get back to a sense of patriotism in buying products that are made by our fellow Americans. This will help support companies working hard here to make a profit. It will keep people employed, and it will make America a high-producing country like it once was so many years ago when the industrial and techological revolution started.

This is what drives our economy. Innovation and productivity and much of this has been lost or fell by the wayside as we struggle to feed our own.  We need to bring a sense of pride back and the sense that working hard in this country will get you success and more than feed your family for years to come.

I think much of that rests on the fact that we make great products, and we buy them from eachother. Sure, international commerce is important too. However, domestic commerce has to be front and center until we get back on the track we were on for so many years before the Great Recession hit.

To all of our customers, I want to truly thank you for being so loyal and so generous. We work hard for your loyalty, and strive to provide the best customer service possible.  Look for a great coupon coming your way in that last part of December if you belong to our email list as a token of our appreciation for you supporting an American company.

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