Pumpkin Seed Oil : Hair and Skin Benefits


Beauty Benefits of Pumpkin Seed Oil

When we think of pumpkins, we tend to think of Halloween time. Or pumpkin pies at Thanksgiving, or for some other ornamental use.

Or, like me before I understood that the little known oil could have some fantastic benefits for skin and hair health, the most I associated with pumpkin was the latte that I adored from my guilty pleasure occasional high calorie coffee purchases from Starbucks!

While most of the pumpkin fruit can be eaten, including the seeds which are delicious when you toast and lightly salt them, and the flesh that makes the “squash” middle of the pumpkin, the tough outer shell is the only part that isn’t really usable and is often discarded.

The seeds are rich in oils that can be pressed into what is called pumpkin seed oil. Pumpkin seed oil has many antioxidants in it that are excellent for protecting the skin and even the hair from free radical damage. It is also an efficiently penetrating oil, so it is ideal as an oil that can be a part of a great formula for overall skin moisture retention and conditioning.

This is exactly why we use pumpkin seed oil as part of our hydrating Warm Citrus body lotion, which is one of our more popular products and also a part of the extremely popular Aura Sensory Gift bag set.

High Levels of Linoleic Acid 

Pumpkin seeds have a high percentage of linoleic acid, which is a fatty acid that has many nourishing and protective benefits for the skin.  They also are high in carotenoids, which are potent antioxidants found in the deepest and most brightly pigmented fruits and veggies that give these types of fruits and veggies such potent antioxidant properties.

They are also high in lutein, which is best known for its potential to help protect eyesight and eye function, but which also can be protective and nourishing for any of our tissues, including our skin.

Beta carotene is another carotenoid, and you’ve probably become familiarized with this one because it has many health benefits, including anti-cancer and potentially heart protective properties.

In short, pumpkin seed oil is just another one of the many oils in the trove of nature-given materials that can help enhance not only our health, but also our beauty.



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