Secret Ingredients for Thicker Hair

stearic acidThicker hair is desirable to a lot of people. Thicker hair simply seems to have more volume, and often is looks a lot healthier than hair that is naturally thin or wispy simply because there is more of it, and the diameter of each strand is thicker than fine hair.

It also is easier to hold style because it is often a more naturally coarse texture, but this is not always true. Because there is just so much of it, it just tends more toward looking full and lush. But you can definitely help to temporarily thicken your hair by using products with the right ingredients.

Ingredients to look for in haircare products if you want fuller,thicker hair:

Pro Vitamin B5 (also known as panthenol or pantothenic acid)

This vitamin is a wonderful thickening agent for the hair when applied topically. It helps to repair and strengthen the hair because it acts almost like hyaluronic acid acts for the skin. It facilitates moisture absorption and increases the water content of the hair, thereby making it thicker and fuller. It also helps to increase the natural elasticity of your hair, which is something we lose with age. It’s a wonderful all-around moisturizing agent for the hair, which is why we use it in our Deep Hydration Conditioner.

Henna thickens hair

Henna, which is a natural hair dye, can actually thicken the diameter of your hair. You have to know what you’re doing using this natural hair color though, and make sure you get a pure powder because a lot of them contain metals not listed in the ingredient list. I tried dying my hair with henna once and due to my lack of experience, ended up with blackened ends on my hair and way too dark a color.

It took forever to wash the color out so needless to say I wore my hair up a LOT while the color was fading. But I did notice it thickened my hair, so it does work this way. However I felt that it also dried my hair a lot. Again, this may be the brand I used or the lack of experience on my end.

Apple cider vinegar

While it may not actually thicken your hair, it is excellent for helping counteract porosity, which makes hair look dead, dry and “flyaway” because it in effect lightens it to a lesser weight. I have found this to do wonders for my hair since using our Natural Shine Enhancing Shampoo which contains organic apple cider vinegar as an integral ingredient.


When taken internally as a supplement, biotin may help thicken the hair and also to help keep your hair from falling out as much, which results in more hairs on your head and yes – THICKER HAIR.

This is actually a supplement that is often recommended to chemotherapy patients after they have lost their hair to help it grow back faster and thicker. One side effect though is that it does make some people have acne breakouts. Not everyone, but it is possible.

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