Silk Amino Acids : How They Benefit Your Hair

One of the key ingredients in our Deep Hydration Conditioner are silk amino acids. These are some amazing compounds that come from the origins of some of the softest, most resilient material on earth – the gelatinous silk proteins of the silkworm cocoon.

The benefits of silk amino acids are abundant.  They are strong and resilient, and very softening materials that  really benefit the hair and skin, and a small amount of these amino acids really go  a long way in protecting and nourishing the hair.

The ‘silkening” effect of silk amino acids on the hair

In our conditioner formula, the silk amino acids serve a dual purpose. First of all, they are incredibly softening to the cuticle of the hair strands, and they also have the ability to penetrate and infuse the hair with moisture and a luxurious, silkening effect.

Over time, using a product with these proteins can really make a difference in the vibrancy, softness, resilience and shine of your hair.

It is known for its ability to bind to and absorb into the hair shaft, due to its low molecular weight.  Because of this ability, it is excellent for helping to strengthen and fortify the hair with regular use.  Since it is a low weight, it provides a weightless feel to the hair while simultaneously adding the weightless body and sheen that is associated with healthy, bouncy hair.

The cumulative strengthening and building benefits

Silk amino acids bind well with the main supporting building blocks of the skin and hair, and they help to provide a protective layer against the elements, drying and damage, which adds another element of protection for the hair.

So, in addition to the obvious outward beautifying and softening effects on the hair, silk proteins also have this additional protective side benefit which only helps intensify its overall benefit to the hair over time.

As an ingredient, it is definitely not inexpensive, but a little does go a long way (too much of this ingredient is actually going to weigh the hair down, so it’s a delicate balance of how much to put in, just like any other ingredient that has a powerful moisturizing effect).

It’s a good ingredient to look for in a hair product if you’re looking for a great way to add weightless, soft body, shine and overall protection over time with regular use.  It also may help fortify the hair against breakage, chafing and splitting, and all the other problems that come with weak hair strands.


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