Shampoo with BorderOur 100% sulfate free shampoo promotes healthy, shiny frizz free hair. Free of harsh detergents and other chemicals that strip, damage and dry the hair, scalp and hair follicles.  It adds bounce, shine, soft body, and the signature swing and flexible”movement” that vibrant, healthy hair tends to have.  Your scalp will love it too.

Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) or sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) are detergents that are used in many shampoos to achieve a very large amount of lather.  This harsh detergent started off as an industrial detergent meant for cleaning floors and the like.  Then it found its way into consumer bath and body products as well as personal care products like toothpaste.

These and other sodium derivatives and sulfates actually rough up the hair’s cuticle and make it look frizzy and dull.  They also strip the color and shine from your hair if you color or highlight your hair.  You won’t believe how much longer your color lasts when you stop using sulfates and chemicals to cleanse your hair!

Features of our Natural Shine Enhancing Shampoo:

  • 8 oz. bottle: $7.50
  • 100% Free of : parabens, all sulfates, sodiums,phthalates, DMDM hydantoin, petroleum (propylene glycol), cocamide DEA (currently outlawed in CA), ureas, chemical and artificial fragrances.  The only thing you will smell in this natural shampoo are natural citrus and herb essential oils!
  • Our shampoo is gluten free and vegan
  • The Deep Hydration Conditioner with silk amino acids, Pro Vitamin B5 for soft and silky body, organic coconut oil, organic argan oil and more works EXCELLENT with this shampoo.
  • Shelf life is approximately 6-8 months from date of purchase

“Really nice shampoo. Gentle, squeeky clean hair in no time (I have below waist length hair).”- Lily“This shampoo smells wonderful and really works great. For being all-natural, it lathers quite well too. Thank you! Thanks also for the lovely lip balm!”- Alicia

“I have tried many, many natural products. This isthe best shampoo I have ever tried. Thanks for what you do!”- Ellen

“Shipping was so fast! Shampoo smells so good like a lemon dessert and the conditioner made my bottle blonde hair so soft. The lip balm was a nice touch and feels very good on my lips. Thank you” (review of shampoo and conditioner) – Ashlie

“I am still using this shampoo and loving it – going to order more.” – Zemula

“This shipped extremely fast. My daughter has damaged hair, and this made it look super healthy and shiny. Smells wonderful too!” (review of shampoo and conditioner) – Michelle

Our shampoo is ideal for color treated, porous or dry hair as it helps restore the natural sheen and bounce that bring life to your hair.  Your color stays more vibrant, more saturated than it does with normal stripping shampoos that promote porosity.

How does our Shine Enhancing Natural Shampoo cleanse your hair without sodium laureth sulfate and other detergents, and how does it differ from traditional shampoos? The mild plant based sudsing agent used in our formula, decylpolyglucose gently cleanses your hair without corroding its surface or roughing up the delicate cuticle, which is what makes hair appear frizzy and dull.

Organic coconut oil adds a level of richness to the light lather, and infuses your hair with protective fatty acids for a silky look. Recent studies have shown that coconut oil, when applied topically to the hair, helps prevent protein loss in both damaged and undamaged hair which means it is ideal for any hair type for added health, flexibility and strength.

This shampoo leaves you with clean, shiny and manageable hair. It has a soothing herb-citrus scent that combines essentil oils of orange, grapefruit, clary sage, cedarwood and rosemary. These oils all have wonderfully restorative properties that cleanse, tone and rejuvenate the scalp as well as remove buildup to help promote healthy hair growth and prevent dulling and drying.

These oils also have significant antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, so they really can help with dandruff and other scalp issues, which are often associated with overgrowth of these two organisms. As always, there are no parabens, no synthetic scens or colors, no detergents or harsh salts or sulfates, no phthalates and no chemicals.

Only soothing and protective, nourishing ingredients for healthy, brilliant and beautiful hair and a healthy clean scalp which promotes healthy hair growth

Ingredients : Distilled Water, Decyl Polyglucose, Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Xanthan Gum, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Dextrose, Grapefruit Oil, Sweet Orange Oil, Clary Sage Oil, Cedar Oil, Rosemary Oil