Things That Affect How Your Hair Looks (Besides Products)

HairThere are such a multitude of factors that go into having a great hair day. Sure, the right products (like ours) certainly help, but even using the right products finds you wanting when it comes to that “just right” look.  You know, some days your hair just falls right into place.

There are no strange cowlicks, no problems with volume in all the right places, and you have body without frizz. That’s the ideal hair day.  And there are unfortunately a lot of circumstances that could be out of your control that affect the number of fabulous vs. not so fabulous hair days you’ll experience in your life.


The dew point, or humidity, may not seem like it matters much if it’s not a beastly hot day, when humidity is most apparent since it’s coupled with intense heat, but the measure of humidity can be deceptively high even on overcast, cooler days.  We just don’t feel it quite as much.

Humidity often is paired with rain, and especially can affect your hair between rains if it’s a day where it’s constantly raining.  It’s nearly impossible to keep it shielded from the moisture. Moisture expands the hair and makes it look big, but not in a usually pleasant way.

Type of Water You Wash Your Hair With

I remember back in the nineties when “big” hair was in. I was so envious that one of my friends could always achieve astronomical heights with her hair.  I thought my hair had so much much more body when I would spend the night at her house, and wash my hair with her hard well water.

That’s because the type of water makes a difference. If you’re using city water, you won’t get the rougher texture and therefore increased body (and sometimes frizz unfortunately) that you might experience with harder well water.  Even various types of city water can affect the outcome of your hair, depending on how high certain chemicals are within it.

Type of Hair Dryer You Use

This is a big one. I’ve used cheap hair dryers and expensive ones, and let me tell you, it pays to invest in a great ionic hair dryer.

Your Diet

This one’s HUGE.  The more healthy fats and silica-rich foods you eat, and generally the more “whole” unprocessed foods you eat, the more your hair shines. This is because it is directly representative of the health within your body.

When you are eating foods dense with nutrients your hair craves, you will notice a huge difference in the outward appearance of your hair.  Just like your skin, it can reflect good and bad health, and you can improve its appearance simply by getting the right nutrients in your body since it relies on these to feed growth and strength.






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