Trying to Grow Your Hair Out Long? Some Vitamins and Tips that Will Help

Vitamins Hair GrowthHave you been trying to grow your hair out really long? Running into roadblocks?  There are some tips, supplements and tricks that will get you on your way to a longer mane in no time.

Less breakage equals longer hair

I find that my hair reaches plateaus of growth and needs to be stimulated in some way to start growing again. Most often it is because I’ve gone too long without a trim and my ends are getting split and tapering or breaking off.

This can make it look like you’ve reached a plateau simply because the length is splitting off and is having a hard time hanging on because it needs to be tipped off with professional scissors.

I’d recommend getting about ¼ inch cut off once every two-three months. Since your hair grows an average of about ½ inch per month, this should allow it to still grow at a nice fast rate while keeping it healthy and strong enough to stay intact on the head.

Make sure your stylist knows that you do not expect them to cut more than 1/4 to a 1/2 inch off and ask them to show you what they are going to cut before they cut it.

Many stylists have different ideas about what this measurement is and it’s better to show them exactly what you mean before they actually start cutting. Remember, you’re trying to grow it longer and getting an inch or more cut every time defeats the purpose of “growing it out” to a much longer length.

Avoid high heat styling tools

In addition, make sure you’re not using a lot of heat styling tools. If you are, use the lower heat settings. For example, one of the worst offenders is the high-heat flat iron. I’ve found that this tool really singes my hair if it’s too hot, causing a lot of damage in a short period of time. Repeated heat damage by either heat tools such as irons or too-hot blow dryers causes a lot of brittleness and breakage.

Hair color and hair styles – go gentle

The same goes for coloring the hair. If you must color, try to use the most natural coloring option available. Bleaching agents are one of the worst for brittleness and breakage. In addition, most hair colors contain peroxide and other hair damaging chemicals. Avoid chemicals such as hair dyes and other chemical treatments like straighteners and other chemical texture agents while trying to grow your hair out.

Try to not put your hair up in pony tails or anything too tight. When I need to mow the lawn, I definitely need to put my hair up and out of my face. What I do is wrap my hair lightly into a little bun on the top of my head. This way, a tight pony tail isn’t pulling at my hair and weakening it all day long.

Supplements for hair growth

Three of the best supplements for accelerated hair growth and improved strength (which is important to keep it growing long and healthy instead of breaking off) are as follows:

1.) Biotin – This one is often used by patients that have had chemotherapy to help strengthen their hair. It doesn’t necessarily make the hair grow faster per se, but it seems like it does because it strengthens the hair so much that it reduces breakage.  Some people say that biotin makes them break out, so this may not be the best option if you are already acne prone. You might want to try one of the alternatives below.

2.) Silica – Supplements containing silica such as horsetail and oat straw really help to fortify the hair and strengthen it.

3.) MSM – MSM is a naturally occurring sulfur compound that is necessary for maintaining flexible hair and skin. This means it is more resistant to snapping or breaking. Many report skin improvement on this supplement as well.

4.) Coconut oil – This oil helps to penetrate the hair shaft with moisture and helps to maintain strength and sheen in the hair.  Taking a teaspoon or tablespoon of coconut oil a day will also help you get shiny hair and healthy looking skin because of its multiple fatty acids and hair-friendly nutrients.



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